It is tragic what has been happening in Ukraine over the last few days. European people/nations locked into military conflict with the inevitable loss of life is something we as Nationalists hoped was firmly in the dustbin of history from the last century.

We also realise there will be a difference of opinion on serious issues such as this.

The following is a sequel by the British Democrats former Member of the European Parliament Andrew Brons. The first article was posted on our home page on 20th February.

Putin and Ukraine

By Andrew Brons

Whatever the arguments about whether NATO should have recruited countries in Eastern Europe and whether the previous borders of Ukraine were inviolable, President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is monstrous. It will cause the loss of thousands of lives. Furthermore, his actions have provided justification for Eastern European countries seeking membership and being admitted to it, even if the arguments were previously much weaker.

Ukraine did not become a NATO member and so NATO members have no obligation to defend it. In those circumstances members might well have resolved not to intervene with troops in Ukraine. However, was it wise to say that expressly in advance?

There must be Russians in positions of authority who condemn Putin’s action in their own minds if not in words uttered – yet. If they are to prevent appalling loss of life of Russians as well as Ukrainians, they must communicate with like-minded people and resolve this urgently.