Stop Migrant Boats

Citizenship should be based on Nationality but it has, quite wrongly, been bestowed on people who are not British Nationals. Since 1948 there have been enormous demographic changes without any consultation of the electorate.

RNLI lifeboat bringing migrants ashore

The British Democratic Party is committed to ending all immigration and will therefore withdraw the United Kingdom from:

(1) The UN 1951 Refugee Convention.

(2) The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). 

(3) The Global Compact for Migration.

Talking about reducing net immigration is to connive at the replacement of the indigenous population. Illegal immigrants and immigrants who have committed serious criminal offences would be repatriated immediately. Other immigrants, especially the unassimilable ones, would be provided with incentives to return to their countries of origin and those countries would be provided with incentives to welcome them.

Our brand of Nationalism is certainly a commodity for export; it can also be imparted to the ethnic minorities in our midst. Why should they settle for being second-class ersatz Britons when they can become proud members of their own peoples.

Laws that provide immigrants and ethnic minorities with preferential treatment would be repealed.

Asylum seekers would be accepted only if they had been singled out for ill treatment and if Britain were the first safe country they encountered. Asylum seekers who travel through or over several safe countries before arriving in Britain become migrants of choice. Successful applicants for asylum status would be permitted to stay until a safe country in their own part of the world could accommodate them.