Welcome to the British Democrats.

We believe it is imperative that an electable Nationalist party is built and handed down to future generations if Britain is to remain British forever! This can only be accomplished by using our fully democratic and faction free template. The British Democrats constitution is an example of how a democratic Nationalist party can operate internally, avoiding the mistakes other Nationalist organisations have made in the past.

We have a wealth of experience within the British Democrats. Our party includes members who have been elected at local government council level, and a former Member of the European Parliament (MEP). Our most recent success at local government elections was in Essex, where our British Democrats candidate was elected at a by-election with over 74% of the vote!

We hope you enjoy visiting our new website and will consider joining our growing ranks.

The party believes firmly in the principles of representative democracy, embracing acceptance of the widest possible participation by its members in the party’s activities.

We assert that our growth and development can therefore best be achieved by a “grassroots” rather than a “top-down” approach. With elected members serving the membership while carrying out their elected role to the best of their ability and through the promotion of local activism on the widest possible scale in all regions of our country.

So now is the time to get onboard with us. Together we can challenge the rotten political establishment who have been lying through their teeth and taking us for fools.

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I hope to meet you on the campaign trail soon.

Dr James Lewthwaite, British Democrats Chairman.