The British Democrats is run by an elected National Executive Council – some of our key personnel include:

Dr James Lewthwaite

Dr James Lewthwaite – Chairman, National Executive Council founder member.

Dr James Lewthwaite is the current British Democrats Chairman. He was educated at Bristol Grammar School and Cambridge University where he was awarded a PhD in 1985. He has previously taught at Bradford, Lancaster and Sheffield Universities.

He served on Bradford Council representing Wyke between 2004 and 2007, where he tried to persuade the Council to tackle the scandal of grooming. However, none of the other parties would support him.

Andrew Brons

Andrew Brons – National Nominating Officer, National Executive Council founder member.

Andrew Brons studied at the University of York, and is a retired lecturer. Andrew has stood for parliament six times and was elected to the European Parliament as an MEP in 2009 representing the Yorkshire and Humber region. Andrew Brons is a former Chairman of the British Democrats.

Chris Canham

Chris Canham – Treasurer and Membership Secretary

Chris currently works is the property sector. He is really concerned about the relentless building on green belt land which is causing the destruction of the character of our villages the length and breadth of the country.

Liam Kernaghan

Liam Kernaghan Elected NEC member

Liam Kernaghan is a self-employed businessman. He has been involved in nationalist politics since 1983 and has stood for election at local council level several times.

Liam is an advocate of constructive pan-nationalist co-operation and ideas, with a view of enhancing the development and progress of the British nationalist movement as a whole.

Peter West – Elected NEC member

Peter first got involved in nationalist politics in 2010 and has been a member of the British Democrats since 2015. He has played an active role in every local election campaign since joining the party. He has also encouraged co-operation with other nationalist organisations.

Peter believes in the right of all peoples to live in ethnic and culturally homogenous homelands. Unless we stop immigration and reverse demographic trends we will cease to exist as a distinct people.