Nationalist stalwart, Stephen Smith gives an excellent speech at the British Democrats 2023 AGM.
Party Chairman Dr Jim Lewthwaite addresses members at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 18th November.
The UK representative of France’s Rassemblement National (National Rally), Max, speaks at the British Democrats 2023 AGM.
The National Rally are a huge successful French Patriotic Nationalist party with 89 elected members in the French National Assembly.
Matt Godden speaking at the British Democrats AGM 2023
National Election Officer, Lawrence Rustem, interviews members after the British Democrats successful AGM 2023.
Nigel Christopher chats to British Democrat members Roberta Woods, Councillor Lawrence Rustem and Matt Godden. They discuss the threat of rejoining the EU and speeches by Suella Braverman.
This video interview features three members of the British Democrats who all studied at the University of Greenwich in London. Watch host Nigel Christopher speaking to Councillor Lawrence Rustem, Matt Godden and Roberta Woods.
Long-standing Nationalist Nigel Christopher speaking at a British Democrats meeting in Kent on the subject of immigration invasion into Britain. Nigel highlights the fact that the only way to solve this problem is to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention.
British Democrats member Matt Godden delivers an excellent speech at a meeting in Kent.
Matt talks about the theatre and the arts and how Marxist doctrine and the “Long march through the institutions” has permeated its way into all aspects of our our lives.
Matt is an articulate and politically astute activist, who studied politics and philosophy at the University of Greenwich.
One of the British Democrats Helping Hand Teams cleaned up unsightly graffiti for residents in Kent, after a local housing association failed to act.
Video highlights of British Nationalist stalwart, Julian Leppert, speaking about elections he has contested over a number of years.
British Democrats National Elections Officer Lawrence Rustem attacks the Conservative Party during his speech at a meeting in Kent.
Stephen Smith speaking at a British Democrats meeting in Kent.
British Democrats Party Chairman Dr Jim Lewthwaite speaks to Councillor Lawrence Rustem.
British Democrats Christmas Message 2022.
Councillor Roger Robertson interviews British Democrats Chairman Dr. Jim Lewthwaite.
Councillor Roger Robertson Speech at AGM 2022
Nationalist stalwart Roberta Woods Roberta speaks to British Democrats Chairman Dr Jim Lewthwaite

British Democrats Chairman Dr Jim Lewthwaite in action at our successful Annual General Meeting 2022
Stephen Smith British Democrats AGM November 2022

Dr James Lewthwaite London 12th June 2022

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