British Democrats Chairman and candidate for Wyke ward on Bradford council, Dr James Lewthwaite, has issued a challenge to the Labour party in Bradford.

Dr Lewthwaite is calling for an independent public enquiry into the horrific grooming gang scandal that has ruined so many young girls lives.

James was elected onto Bradford council and worked tirelessly as a local councillor between 2004 – 2007. In 2005 he put forward a motion on this issue that was rejected by all other parties without any debate. 

Labour has failed the people of Bradford and in particular the vulnerable victims of these evil grooming gangs.

Our message to the Labour party is clear and precise: STOP THE STONE WALLING – YOUR OBSTRUCTION IS DESPICABLE.

Below you can view the updated leaflet that is now being delivered by activists in Wyke ward, Bradford. The leaflet contains a mixture of national issues in addition to the main local issue – justice for grooming victims.