Some people call the Tories the stupid party, some call them the nasty party, but I just call them Tory Traitors. If you think I’m being harsh then I’m afraid you’ve not been paying attention! Here are three examples of Tory treachery in just the last couple of days:

1. The budget betrayal

A couple of days ago I explained in great detail exactly why Friday’s mini-budget needed to focus on raising the personal allowance and stimulating business investment. Sadly, the economic imbecile masquerading as Chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, didn’t listen and delivered a budget that betrays the blue-collar Tories of the Red Wall who gave the Conservatives their majority in parliament. Instead of raising personal allowances and helping all taxpayers, he abolished the top rate of tax (45%) which only helps those earning over £150,000 a year. Well, thanks a lot Kwasi, that’s going to be a real life-saver to all those ordinary British workers struggling to pay their bills this winter!  

And don’t be fooled by the disingenuous Tory nonsense about cutting the basic rate of tax, as promised next year by Kwarteng. Just do the maths and you will see how worthless this is. As I pointed out the other day, someone on the minimum wage working full-time (40hrs/wk) will earn £19,740/yr. If the personal allowance was raised to £20,000 they would be £1,434/yr better off. This would make a real difference to them. The reduction in the tax rate from 20% to 19% however will leave them just £71.70 a year better off – less than £1.38 a week, or under 20p a day. You do realise that the Tories are spitting in your face and laughing at you, don’t you?  

And the budget did nothing to encourage companies to invest and grow the economy. Yes, keeping corporation tax at 19% may encourage a few foreign companies to come to the UK, but it will not encourage companies to increase their output or invest in developing new products. To do that the chancellor needed to make this sort of investment eligible for a tax ‘super-deduction’, as I advised. When Kwarteng suggested that companies would use the extra profits that the 19% corporation tax rate gave them to “reinvest, create jobs, raise wages, or pay dividends which support our pensions” he was being either very stupid or very deceitful. Companies will pocket the money and the dividends will go to foreign shareholders (not British pensioners) – that’s another of the disadvantages of having so many of our large companies foreign-owned!

2. The Northern Ireland betrayal

I wrote recently that “Truss can’t be trusted when it comes to defending the integrity of the United Kingdom” and it seems that I was right (of course!). We are now being told that rather than trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, and allowing goods to move freely between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Truss has caved in to pressure from the EU and has decided to betray the British people by allowing the current problems to drag on for another six months, while offering more concessions to try to get a surrender agreement she can try to spin as a ‘success’. Traitress Truss, she should be known as. The government has even admitted that they are being helped in their negotiations by Tony Blair!  

Talking of whom, I am also sick to death of the way this ‘Conservative’ government keeps grovelling its devotion to the Belfast Agreement, which was one of Tony Blair’s great British betrayals (along with Scottish devolution). The Belfast Agreement was a surrender to the IRA terrorists. Instead of worshipping this agreement we should be tearing it up! One of its clauses is that there will be a “border poll” if there is demonstrable support for this – ie. a vote to decide whether Northern Ireland should leave the UK and become part of the Republic of Ireland. So the government is saying they are willing to see our country destroyed. Hardly a patriotic stance, is it? It is this sort of indifference that has alienated more and more of Northern Ireland’s citizens. After all, if they feel unloved and unappreciated by the UK government they are obviously going to reciprocate this attitude. It’s just human nature.  

So the real worry is not that the latest census shows that, for the first time ever, the number of Catholics in Northern Ireland now exceeds that of Protestants (45.7% to 43.5% of the population). After all, religion is not so important nowadays and Catholics can be every bit as loyal and patriotic and unionist as Protestants. No, the real concern is that while a decade ago 40% felt “British only” compared to just 25% who felt “Irish only” and 21% who felt “Northern Irish only”, the figures today are 32%, 29% and 20% respectively. While these figures obviously do not show a clear majority wanting to leave the UK and join the Republic, they do show a sharp fall in UK patriotism which the government should be trying to reverse – if only they gave a damn. But unfortunately, being traitors, they don’t. 

3. The mass immigration betrayal

Despite all their lies and protestations to the contrary, the government is doing nothing to effectively tackle and stop what has now been called the migrant cross-Channel “invasion”. The other day a new record was set, with the annual number of migrants coming across from France now over 30,000, which is already more than came in the whole of 2021 – which itself was three times the number that arrived in 2020! The number of people coming over is actually on course to reach double the number last year, and six times that of two years ago! This flood of immigrants is completely out of control and there is no sign whatsoever of this government of traitors being willing to stop it.

All we ever get from the Tories is lies, platitudes and broken promises. So we now have the new Home Secretary Suella Braverman declaring that tackling these crossings will be one of her “clear priorities” – and yet she has not announced any new policies to stop them. She says she will “double down” on the policy of sending asylum seekers to Rwanda, but since precisely zero have been sent so far, doubling this number will still give you zero.  

I have explained many times that the only way to stop this is to eliminate the ‘pull factor’ – ie. the prospect of being able to stay and live in this country. If migrants knew that once caught they would automatically be immediately deported back to their country of origin, with no exceptions and no right of appeal whatsoever, they would simply stop coming. They are not going to pay people smugglers thousands of pounds to play a game of snakes and ladders in which they always lose. But to implement this policy the government would need to withdraw from both the European Convention on Human Rights and also the UN 1951 Refugee Convention. And this is not their policy and never will be. It is, however, the policy of the British Democrats.  

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