The British Democrats polled 25% of the vote at the first time of standing in a Council ward for Epping Forest District Council in Essex.

It’s a strong performance considering it was the first time our party has ever campaigned and stood for election in the district. The British Democrats hadn’t delivered a single leaflet in the area before this campaign began!

Our candidate Julian Leppert organised a slick campaign with some excellent election material.

Our excellent vote in Epping Forest appears to be by far the highest British Nationalist ward percentage across the entire country at this set of local elections!

It clearly indicates how the British Democrats are becoming the premier Nationalist electoral political party in the UK!

Polling such an impressive percentage now gives us a solid base to build on. It bodes well if you consider this: if Julian could have taken only 36 votes from both Conservative and Labour at this election, we would have won this seat!

We also trounced the left-wing Trade Union Socialist Coalition candidate!

Well done, and thank you to our hard-working activists for their tireless efforts, time, and commitment during this campaign. We also want to thank all British Democrat candidates and activists who campaigned nationwide at this local government election.

Brit-Dem activists on the campaign trail

Waltham Abbey Paternoster result:

Conservative – 293
Labour – 250
British Democrats – 187 – 25%
TUSC – 13

Spoilt ballots – 8

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