As the Islamisation of the West ensues, the political establishment have demonstrated their utter lack of interest in the needs of their native population, producing a rise in Nationalist sentiment throughout Europe. However, perilously few parties in the UK are offering a viable solution to this problem – some are too watered-down and reluctant to discuss Islam; while others are far too alienating and obsessed with overtly anti-Islam publicity stunts.

And even the British Democrats – a professional political party with experienced local councillors, sensible policies, and a democratic constitution – is nonetheless targeted by the Marxist cancel culture mob with the same parroted mantra about “racists” and “bigots”. But regardless, one does not have to be even remotely “far-right” (or at least labelled that way) to share our perfectly reasonable concerns with the threat posed by Islamisation to the rights of women, children, and animals.

With variants of the name Muhammed now topping the list of most popular names for newborns in England, there is higher demand than ever for halal baby food. And although it can be argued that all methods of slaughter are cruel in some way or another, Muslim halal slaughter is a particularly immoral way in which to kill an animal, as is the Jewish shechita method. These ritual animal slaughter methods that the government permits fail to reach even the lowest standard of ethical animal treatment. This barbarism has no place in any civilised society, and at the very least we should require the stunning of animals before they are slaughtered, or even explore an outright ban of the practice.

Another important dimension to this issue is that of Islam’s views towards women, who are quite plainly designated as inferiors by the Qur’an. With practices such as polygamy and mandatory restrictive clothing, this is intrinsically hostile towards Western and Christian values. To any women who might be reading this, if you value your right to vote at all, then perhaps rather than continuing to support LibLabCon’s enabling of Sharia Law and grooming gangs, it may be in your best interests to cast your ballot for a Patriotic Nationalist party that stands opposed to such threats to your rights.

We are fed up with the Marxists’ name calling – we are NOT anti-Muslim; we are pro-Britain, pro-Christian values, and pro-democracy. Radical Islam’s efforts to fundamentally change our civilisation pose a serious and direct threat to these values. The start of the fightback for our country is now under way. And we’re only just getting started.

Here are just some of the common sense policy ideas the British Democrats will be introducing for debate at our forthcoming AGM in November. Let us know what you think and if you would support such policies:

· Save our young British girls from the threat of Muslim grooming gangs,

· Secure our streets by banning the full-body burqa and niqab in public spaces,

· Preserve the traditional institution of marriage between a man and a woman against third-world polygamists,

· Prevent community buildings such as pubs and churches from being converted into mosques,

· Protect animal rights by restricting unethical slaughter methods,

· Uphold traditional Christian values in our schools and public institutions,

· Defend women’s rights by banning the enforcement of Sharia law on British soil,
· Deport all immigrants found to be sympathetic to religious terrorism,

· And negotiate peace treaties with Muslim countries by refraining from interference in their affairs.

If you hate Britain, then you must leave Britain!

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