Lizz Truss, Britain’s foreign secretary, has said in an interview that she “supports British citizens making the journey to Ukraine in order to volunteer to join the war against Russia.”

What about Britons guarding our coast around Dover?

Due to the open borders policy of the Lib- Lab-Con, we have an awful, divided, divisive society of, multiculturalism and multifaiths, with a decimated manufacturing base (handed over to China for the most part, ironically).

A chaotic and incompetent government, a chaotic and incompetent second party in waiting. A decimated Army and Navy that’s not a patch on what it was, who are now more interested in prayer rooms, equal-rights, inclusivity and diversity than defending this country (our country has not been defended since 1948 and the start of this mass invasion).

Many of our soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan find themselves living on the streets after they leave the army. While migrants are given the red carpet treatment, hotel accommodation and everything they need courtesy of the British taxpayer.

This country is a topsy turvy, dystopian nightmare which rewards the undeserving while penalising the law abiding taxpaying citizens and pensioners.

By comparison, the once orderly world is rapidly descending into disorder and chaos. From political correctness, to wokeness, to totalitarian western governments labelling their own people white supremacists, racists and nazis, for daring to speak your mind or simply tell the truth on a so-called sensitive issue. It’s all coming to a head.

After reading the British Democrats new website, I am very impressed. An honest, straight-talking party that won’t be silenced by political correctness, such as the British Democrats, is needed now more than ever before!