By Roger Tonks

There wouldn’t by any chance be an element of profiteering by the supermarkets currently? This crisis in Europe is a golden opportunity for them to increase their prices under the guise of the “Ukrainian situation”.

We hear that:- “The price of a loaf of bread is set to increase by 20 per cent in Britain as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine causing a global wheat shortage.”

The UK needs to start producing more of its own food and sourcing its own energy, rather than relying on importing such essentials – after all we cannot predict where the next hiccup in international trade might come from.

We are far too dependent on imports, and that is a disaster when prices rise steeply due to shortages and sanctions, as is currently happening.

WWII was a disastrous time for food supplies, as Britain over-relied upon imports from the USA and South America. German U Boats sank huge numbers of cargo ships, indeed, Britain nearly lost the Battle of the North Atlantic and if we had, widespread starvation at home would have followed.

Consequently, post-war, huge efforts were made to vastly increase British food growing and by the early 1950’s, the UK had such an abundance that we were able to export certain surplus grain etc. Some grain was still imported, as food production required a mix of grain types. Canadian wheat was of much importance, but of course Canada was part of the Commonwealth and we still had a healthy trade with our Commonwealth brethren at that time.

Then along came Traitor Ted Heath and he:-

1. Joined the UK to the E.E.C. in 1973.

2. Was compelled to discard the invaluable preferential trade deals the UK had with Commonwealth countries, including Canada.

3. Signed up to the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), when European farmers were still struggling to overcome the effects of WWII.

4. Destroyed the British fishing industry by joining the CFP (Common Fisheries Policy), the disastrous results of which we are still suffering, even though we have left the EU.

The result of all this was to hobble British farming and fisheries, putting the UK at a huge disadvantage in order to improve the lot of European farmers and fishermen.

Food production cannot be turned on and off like a tap. It can take years to re-build that which can be destroyed by the stroke of a pen; especially meat production.

We have competent, professional farmers with ingenuity and drive. With encouragement they will rise to the challenge. If the current Ukraine crisis teaches us anything it must be that self-sufficiency in as many areas as possible, is crucial for any sovereign country.

It’s called food security and we in the British Democrats know that a healthy agriculture sector is more important than any other and we would work to ensure it’s survival, as our very lives may one day depend on it.