By Roger Tonks

Britain is committing suicide as a nation, in more than one way.

MP’s in Westminster are only concerned about holding onto their jobs and not much else.

We are an country that has given away our fish and part of our sovereignty is still in the hands of the EU (Northern Ireland Protocol). We could be self-sufficient in gas, oil, coal and nuclear energy, but we have a PM and cabinet who won’t stop their damaging actions (and inactions) until they are kicked out of office, or have bankrupted us!

If there were five good ways to treat a problem and five bad ways, you can guarantee the politicians will chose the five bad ways. It’s almost like they’re working against public interests.

The UK electricity supply is one of the most expensive in the world, and we are closing down power stations. How will closing down part of our own independent generating stations help us to keep electricity prices stable?

While these policies are indeed stupid and self destructive, the sad part is that this is being done by design. The elitists have no concern or care for the average person.

Those that believe Western populations will accept going without food, transport or heat are in for a big shock! I won’t be blaming Russia for the collapse of my living standards, I’ll put the blame firmly where it belongs, on Western governments and their billionaire puppet masters. 

As an author once wrote:

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” 

The availability of cheap, reliable, plentiful energy is one of the things that separates the first-world from the third-world. Western civilization has been able to find and utilise the natural resources like gas and oil to power society.

The government have effortlessly segued from Covid to Ukraine. Huge global events are being manipulated whilst a huge percentage of the population are concomitantly herded and mentally conditioned. If there is just one lesson to learn from all this, it’s the need for a food and energy supply that is as independent as possible for the UK. That’s what we should be working towards.

The elites who are orchestrating the downfall won’t feel a thing. They have wealth stockpiled to see them through the possibility of a collapse in society.

Stop voting for these globalists.