John Robinson is a long-established Patriotic Nationalist and councillor on Barnham and Eastergate council in West Sussex. John has joined the British Democrats!

Councillor Robinson has been at the forefront of a long campaign against the greedy Conservatives and their big business friends in West Sussex. This is a battle against mass development and building on the greenbelt. The developers are making millions of pounds by pouring concrete over ancient woodland and agricultural land, destroying the beautiful local village. In addition, John is also opposed to the proposed A27 Arundel Bypass, which will rip up even more green spaces. We will be posting a report on the mass development in West Sussex in due course.

The British Democrats believe our growth and development can best be achieved by a “grassroots” approach. Building up experience at the parish and town council level is the ideal way of learning how local community work is achieved successfully. This is precisely what councillor John Robinson has been doing for the last decade in the Barnham and Eastergate parish. 

John will also bring some additional skills and knowledge to the party. In the past, he held the position of regional official for another nationalist organisation. 

Councillor John Robinson in the picturesque village of Barnham. John has lived in the area his entire life.

Councillor Robinson is joining us at an exciting time for the party.

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