In the clearest example yet of Britain’s now institutional anti-white racism, new official figures from the Metropolitan Police have revealed that whites make up 60 percent of all ethnic groups prosecuted for “hate crimes” — despite also being the single largest group of victims of hate crimes.

The figures, released by the Metropolitan Police under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, cover the five-year period January 2016 to January 2022.

According to the Metropolitan Police, during that five-year period, a total of 133, 473 “hate crimes” took place. 

The “hate crimes” recorded are, according to the Metropolitan Police, any incidents which consist of at least one of the following components: a “Racial Incident,” an “Anti-Semitic Racial Incident,” an “Islamaphobic Hate Crime,” a “Faith Hate” crime, “Homophobic Incidents,” a “Transgender Hate Crime,” and a “Disability Hate Crime.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), in accordance with the police, have the following definition of a “hate crime”: 

“Any criminal offence which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice, based on a person’s disability or perceived disability; race or perceived race; or religion or perceived religion; or sexual orientation or perceived sexual orientation or transgender identity or perceived transgender identity.” (Source: CPS website, “Hate Crime.”)

(In other words, a hate crime is a crime if anybody perceives it to be one—and that includes anyone, not just the victim. It is, of course, a bizarre and legally absurd position, but that is the nature of British “justice” today.)

The CPS goes on to admit that “There is no legal definition of hostility so we use the everyday understanding of the word which includes ill-will, spite, contempt, prejudice, unfriendliness, antagonism, resentment and dislike.” (So even “unfriendliness” is a crime in Britain today).

Even with these obtuse definitions in mind, the Metropolitan Police’s FOIA release is eye-opening:

Of the 133, 473 “hate crimes” recorded in the five-year period:

–  Whites constituted 39,331 victims (29 percent of the total); 

– Asians constituted 29,167 victims (22 percent of the total); 

– Blacks constituted 34,349 victims (26 percent of the total);

– “Others” constituted 3571 victims (3 percent of the total); and

– “Unknown”* constituted 465 victims (20 percent of the total).

The FOIA release then goes on to reveal that of the 14,045 people prosecuted for these “hate crimes:

– Whites made up 8,478 of those accused (60 percent of the total);

– Asians made up 1507 of those accused (11 percent of the total);

– Blacks made up 3575 of those accused (25 percent of the total);

– “Others” made up 347 of those accused (2 percent of the total); and

– “Unknown” made up 138 of those accused (1 percent of the total).

The overwhelming over representation, in real and statistical terms (that is, expressed as a percentage of the entire UK population) of whites in both the victim and accused statistics, reveals two significant trends:

1. Despite hysterical anti-white controlled media whining about “white racism,” it is clear that in real and statistical terms, whites suffer more as victims of “hate crime” than any other single racial group in the UK; and

2. Whites are disproportionately prosecuted for “hate crimes” on a level which indicates one of two factors: (a) the police find it easier to identify whites than non-whites; or (b) the police specifically target whites, giving prosecution of that ethnic group preference over the prosecution of non-whites.  

The reason for the higher white prosecution rate is likely a combination of both these: above-mentioned factors, and is merely a reflection of the already instutionalised anti-white racism inherent in the establishment.

This instutionalised anti-white racism can be seen in, for example, in the promotion of nonwhite-only organisations such as

– the “music of black origin”  MOBO Awards;

– the Black Solicitors Network;

-the “GMB Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Workers” group;

– the  Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Network in the NHS; 

– Nonwhite only scholarships such as the “Bank of England Scholarship” among others;

– the Association for Black and Minority Ethnic Engineers;

– the Black and Minority Ethnic Doctors Forum; 

– Black History Month; and 

– a host of others too numerous to mention here.

Any attempt to start a “white solicitor’s association” or a “music of white origin” awards would most likely be the subject of “racist” allegations by the same people who promote the nonwhite organisations—and also most likely attract the attention of the police for investigation as a “hate crime.”

This then, the state of Britain in 2022. 

Source: Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 01/FOI/22/023234, Metropolitan Police, Information Rights Unit, Sidcup. Released 03/03/2022.

* It is unclear how exactly a “hate crime” can be committed against an “unknown” person, as common sense, never mind legal precedent, would seemingly require that the person so victimised would have to be identified in some way in order for their incident to qualify as a “hate” crime under one of the categories. Somehow this logic escapes the upholders of British “justice” today, and no attempt is made to explain it.