The British Democrats now exists as a credible alternative to Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems.

With the recent reorganisation of our party and an influx of experienced political campaigners, things are certainly looking bright for the future of the Patriotic Nationalist cause with the British Democrats leading the way forward. 

At yesterday’s local council elections, we had some excellent candidates who stood for our party for the first time. Most of these campaigns were very short due to the candidates only recently joining the party.

Tens of thousands of leaflets were delivered and thousands of doors were knocked on during this election.

Considering the limited amount of time for candidates and activists to get our Patriotic message out to the electorate, some very credible results were obtained. 

Below is a list of votes and percentages.

Lawrence Rustem – Shepway South ward, Maidstone, Kent. 117 votes –  14%. Lawrence beat the Liberal Democrats.

Dr James Lewthwaite – Wyke ward, Bradford, Yorkshire. 214 votes – 7%. James beat the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

Michael Jones – East Wickham ward, Bexley, London. 253 votes – 6%. This is a party percentage due to all three ward seats being contested at once.

Christopher Bateman – Laindon Park ward, Basildon, Essex. 100 votes – 5%. Christopher beat the Trade Union Socialist Coalition and was only 36 votes behind the Liberal Democrats.

Thank you to all candidates, activists, members and donors for taking part in this set of elections. 

We are moving forward, building for the future in order to offer the British people a real choice.

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