By Roberta Woods

We British Democrats believe that the settlement in our country of large numbers of foreign peoples from around the world neither enriches our culture nor promotes multiculturalism or diversity. Quite the opposite – mass immigration, both in the UK and around the world, has the effect of impoverishing everyone’s culture, destroying the very diversity it claims to champion and replacing this with a commercialised, homogenised, globalist, consumerist, planet-wide monoculture which benefits no one but the giant multinational corporations, who dehumanise people by viewing them simply as economic units in their worldwide marketing strategy. 

In contrast, the British Democrats support real diversity by acknowledging the uniqueness of individual cultures as opposed to the melting-pot of multiculturalism that reduces everything down to a lowest-common-denominator popular culture. On a global level, we are the only true friends of real multiculturalism. We seek a sustainable world of diverse nations rather than a destructive monoculture that subsumes everything in the interests of Big Business. We seek to maintain and enhance our nation with its ancient ethnocultural identities, English, Scots, Welsh, Ulster, Cornish and Manx. We would promote our traditional folk cultures and musical heritages and the languages underlying them – we have a rich indigenous cultural diversity, and for too long, this has been neglected and overlooked in a rush to promote everyone else’s culture above our own. I have even heard it claimed that we don’t have a culture – or it’s all about warm beer, football hooliganism etc.

This is almost laughable in the country that gave the world Shakespeare!

On those rare occasions when the topic of British values arises, usually, when discussing non-assimilating immigrants, it will be claimed that our overriding virtue is that of tolerance. What an insult, reducing all our proud traditions down to this one supposed national characteristic, however laudable! This is all done in a deliberate effort to steer people away from the patriotic love of country that used to go without saying not so long ago. The same people who claim that the native British do not have a culture would never level that claim at any non-white nation; indeed they would be the first to fawn over everyone else’s culture – because everyone else is encouraged to feel proud of their culture except the British. We, the British Democrats, think it right that other peoples feel proud of their culture, but NOT by denigrating ours.

Multiculturalism leads to culture wars, with many different groups vying for political attention and dwindling resources. Politicians get sidetracked from pursuing the greater good of the nation by movements like BLM,  which started in the US but has now permeated most countries in the world with immigrant populations. The legacy has been the notion of ‘white privilege’, ‘white guilt’ and ‘white self-hatred’, which is supposed to make us feel like we are the problem and not the incomers.

Ethnic diversity is in itself a challenge to the nation-state, whose job is to promote a single set of values and traditions around which the nation can rally. Immigration without integration, self-segregation, FGM, Sharia courts, all these imported problems just lead to division in the host nation. A strong society is one where people share a common culture, heritage, and language and are proud of all these things. A weak one is characterised by many different groups competing for political power.

The UK prides itself on being a bastion of democracy but electoral fraud is rife in many immigrant majority areas, most notably, Tower Hamlets in London, but also in many northern cities. This is a stain on our supposed democracy but it is allowed to go unchallenged by both the Electoral Commission and the police. We will soon have to present photo ID at polling stations when we have always just had to present our voting (poll) card. Our native culture of trust has been superseded by corrupt immigrant culture, and we have to bear the brunt of it.

Recently, a furore erupted within Labour ranks on Newcastle City Council, where Labour’s deputy leader was suspended by her party for a text of hers that was leaked where she claimed the leader of the council, Nick Forbes, who was deselected ahead of the May elections, was the victim of a Muslim plot to remove him and get more black, Asian and minority ethnic candidates selected. Mr Forbes was replaced by Abdul Samad in his Arthur’s Hill seat.

As Mr Forbes finds himself without a political home, and he could perhaps consider a real democratic party like the British Democrats.

In 2018 the Dalai Lama was being denounced on social media as a racist ‘white supremacist’ for saying refugees from the Middle East and North Africa should eventually return to their native countries to rebuild them after seeking temporary asylum in Europe; because ‘Europe belongs to the Europeans.’ 

When the multiculturalists are willing to denounce someone like the Dalai Lama for accepting the obvious that Europe belongs to Europeans, then you know that you must be on the right side of the argument. 

The British Democrats are the true champions of cultural diversity.

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