In my previous article published on 3rd May (“Rwanda Flight of Fantasy”), I concluded sadly that the proposal to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda was typical Boris bluster, and there was little prospect of this fantasy ever coming to fruition. In the past few days a hat-trick of evidence has borne me out.

Firstly, we had Priti ‘Useless’ Patel’s decision to convert an RAF base in the pretty Yorkshire village of Linton-on-Ouse into a massive ‘reception centre’, with room for 1,500 (or more) immigrants. Now why, you may be asking yourselves, does the government need to build so much accommodation for bogus asylum seekers if they are all to be flown to Rwanda? The answer is because the plan is to house men aged 18 to 40 “who have predominantly arrived into the UK via boats across the Channel”. These will therefore mostly come from the Middle-East and Africa, but some will be “flown in from Rwanda” – yes, you read that correctly: some will be coming from Rwanda, rather than going there! The government’s actions speak much more honestly than their weasel words, and it is clear that the Rwanda promises are as empty as Boris Johnson’s head.  Local villagers are, not surprisingly, very concerned. They will be outnumbered around 3:1 by third-world migrants, who will not be detained and will therefore be free to come and go as they please, in a small rural village which does not even have a police station. What can possibly go wrong? 

Secondly, we had the admission from the deputy prime minister himself – Dominic Raab – that contrary to Boris Johnson’s promise that “tens of thousands” of illegal immigrants would be sent to Rwanda, the true annual figure was “more likely to be in the hundreds”. Given that around 9,000 illegals have already come across the Channel so far this year, we can all see that a few hundred would be just an insignificant drop in the ocean! The whole point of the Rwanda plan was to deter migrants from coming here, as they would not want to make the difficult journey (and pay the people smugglers) if they thought they would just end up being deported to Africa. But if the number sent there is going to be so small the plan will be an utterly pointless failure.  

And finally we had the news that although the government initially announced that 50 illegal migrants would be sent to Rwanda “next week”, they have now delayed all deportation flights until June at the earliest – and admit it could in reality take “months” before anyone is actually sent there. So why the delay? As usual with this government of liars, the answer is unclear. First we are told that this is in response to a legal challenge, but then we are also told that “Asked whether the Government was waiting for the legal challenges to be dealt with before even starting flights, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘No’.” So if the delay is not necessary, why not start the deportations right away? Obviously because, as my earlier article surmised, the Rwanda plan is just political theatre to deceive gullible patriots into voting Conservative. This conclusion is strengthened by Boris’s usual hype and hogwash that he will “dig in for the fight” with “leftie lawyers” challenging the Rwanda deportations. This is all lies and nonsense, designed purely for show. If he really intended to go ahead with this plan he would simply do what I suggested from the start: scrap the current legislation on both human rights and asylum. This would allow the government to implement their own policies, and would prevent any legal challenges from even taking place.

Any patriot who has any confidence in Boris Johnson or this Conservative government is obviously very deluded. There is no real difference between Labour and the Tories. We need a new broom in British politics to sweep both these rotten parties out of office as soon as possible!

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