During the local council elections, Spanish Political Scientist and blogger Lorena Serantes contacted the British Democrats with some questions.

Party Chairman Dr James Lewthwaite supplied Lorena with some robust answers that we have published below.

Question 1

Why are you a British Democratic Party candidate?


Of the three slogans of the French Revolution, Nationalists are those who champion Fraternity over Equality (favoured by Socialists) and Liberty (favoured by Tories and Liberals: Tories for economic freedom, laissez-faire, Liberals for individual freedom, e.g gay rights, abortion, etc).

The United Kingdom has achieved what it has over the centuries because it is unusually isolated and homogeneous, favouring Fraternity; this is threatened by uncontrolled immigration, which will destroy the preconditions for our present state. It is no coincidence that Democracy arose independently in several such isolates: Iceland, Switzerland, Transylvania, and, later of course, in the USA. Fukuyama, in his book ‘Trust’ pointed to the strength of the little platoons (not his phrase) forming the fabric of British society, focusing on Weber’s observations on the link between Protestantism and Capitalism. (As an aside, Argentina was expected to overtake the USA at the turn of the Twentieth Century but failed because of its inherited Mediterranean towards Amoral Familism and the crushing of Peronism by Global Capitalism).

Therefore, Fraternity logically precedes Equality and Liberty – the latter two will not long outlive the dissolution of the former. Britain is ceasing to be an ex-imperial nation state and becoming an internal empire, without even the homogeneity of the Holy Roman, Austro-Hungarian, or Tsarist Russian Empires. It will be more like the Ottoman Empire. 

Therefore, I had to become a Nationalist to oppose this and a British Democrat because, of the spectrum of Nationalist organisations, they are the most electable.

Question 2

What are the main issues you wish to prioritise?


Our approach is to divide our attention between national issues (although this is a local election, people tend to vote along national lines, i.e, to prioritise their perception of the performance of the mainstream parties at the national level.

The key national issue is immigration, particularly illegal immigration across the Channel, although legal immigration is at a far higher level. Now that Britain has left the EU, we are free to demand protection for those industries and agriculture that have suffered under EU hegemony and which need to be rebuilt.

The key local issue is grooming which continues twenty years after the first reports of its sheer scale in the Bradford-Keighley area. By grooming, one means the organised rape and sex trafficking of underage girls, often in council-run care homes or from unstable family backgrounds. Most victims are White. The perpetrators are overwhelmingly Pakistani Muslims. No trials are in progress or in prospect. The system is corrupt: police, prosecution, local authority, media. 

In comparison, other local issues such as traffic bottlenecks are far less important. However, I have been campaigning for improvements for twenty years, and I shall continue to do so.

Question 3

Why are the British Democrats the best alternative to the other parties?


Because we remain committed to the ideal of the independent, sovereign nation-state, i.e. that a state should be the homeland of a distinct people with a distinct culture and traditions. We reject the idea that just anybody can be assimilated by acculturation; or that a nation can include other nations, enclaves within the homeland, without eventual conflict. Therefore, we oppose immigration from outside Europe and the Old Commonwealth.

The rest of our policies are consistent with this ideal type and, in particular, with our Common Law tradition. See the Policy Statement.

I believe that many other Nationalist organisations are either uninterested in electoral politics or are undemocratic in their constitutions. Ours separates powers, in particular making the Disciplinary-Judicial arrangements independent of the Executive. Many other organisations have been simply followers of a narcissistic ‘leader’; they are one-man bands.

We oppose the unholy union of the Globalising Capitalists and the Cultural Marxists (often but not always, their stooges or ‘useful idiots’), which between them aim to destroy the fabric of society (gender politics, etc), in order to atomise and enslave us. Ironically the politics of equality, diversity, and inclusivity, which we reject, will lead to a Global Monoculture, in which all national identities will become first muddled and then suppressed.

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