Refugees cannot outrun themselves or their culture but they can ruin us.

By British Democrats Chairman Dr James Lewthwaite

The crisis brought about by the arrival of over one million immigrants on these shores last year is not only financially unsustainable – we cannot spend £5 million every day on 4-star hotel accommodation indefinitely – nor one of “Nimbyism” from comfortably off middle class professionals in Linton-on-Ouse being threatened with swamping by more than twice their number of young men of military age unaccompanied by women or children – the experience common to working class communities in our inner big cities since the fifties.

It is not even the crippling costs to our already depressed and debt-burden country of the housing, schools, medical care, transport, and policing which will have to be provided to cope with the unplanned influx.

It is not even the greenbelt which will have to be sacrificed for the overspill estates – there aren’t enough old army or RAF bases to absorb them.

It is that the whole idea of the “good” migrant driven here by the evil rulers of whatever hellhole he comes from, such as the Taliban, the Ayatollahs, feuding Muslim sects, brutal secular rulers or simple chaos. The “good” and the “evil” are two sides of the same coin. Their roles reversible through the next Revolution or pointless bloody Western intervention.

Migrants arriving in soft touch Britain

The whole point ignored by the do-gooders, is that it is the very nature of Iraqi, Syrian, Iranian, Afghanistan, Somali society that is the root cause.

Their Chronic inability to evolve into anything comparable to a Western democracy is endemic, just as our relatively peaceful and stable societies which are such a magnet for them, are the products of our unique culture and circumstances.

All of which is “at risk” if we endlessly admit “refugees” – even those arriving legally, who can escape their countries of origin but cannot outrun themselves or their cultures. They will form enclaves outside the law, no-go-areas from which they will consciously or unconsciously infiltrate and subvert until they reduce us to their level. For Gresham’s law – that the bad drive out the good, is a cultural universal, not just applicable to coinage.

The principle underlying Somali or other similar lineage based societies is: Me against my brother, my brother and I against my cousins, all of us in this family or clan against other clans. All of us in this tribe against the world. 

It is why Argentina never overtook the USA, as widely predicted in the early 20th century: Mediterranean peasant amoral familism triumphed over the abundance of resources, resulting in a classic failed state! 

We could so easily forget the achievements of our ancestors over the centuries. We could become as Metternich said of Italy, “Not so much a country as a geographical expression.” 

That sort of ignorance of prejudice, is why we must oppose any solution to the migrant crisis other than the proper proposals advanced in a new British Democrats policy, unanimously approved by the membership. We must repeal the outdated legislation and take back control. 

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