As we have stated in previous posts, the British Democrats are now THE party within the Patriotic Nationalist movement that people are looking towards as activists search for a credible party of local community politics.

With the first-class leadership of Dr. James Lewthwaite and former Member of the European Parliament Andrew Brons, we are attracting some of the brightest and best activists and elected officials in the country. James and Andrew are men of honesty and integrity who are very well respected throughout the country. 

Hot on the heels of Councillor Julian Leppert joining us two weeks ago, another councillor, this time from Hampshire, Roger Robertson, has joined the British Democrats!

Roger has been a resident of Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, all his life with his mother’s family going back generations in the Village. For over 11 years, Roger has been a Councillor, acting as a representative on Full Council, Environment & Amenities, and Planning Committees. 

Cllr Robertson is a long-standing British Nationalist who has previous party political experience as a regional organiser in the South East of England.

Recently, he was a member of the now defunct For Britain party and is one of several high-profile recruits from that party to join us. Two former For Britain regional organisers and two councillors have now come across to the British Democrats since the party closed down three weeks ago. A number of other former For Britain officials have contacted us with a view to joining. We are the obvious choice for those looking for a party with a clean and baggage-free image.

This is the third councillor to join us within the last four months. John Robinson in West Sussex was the first, then Julian Leppert in Essex, and now Roger Robertson in Hampshire. All three have been involved in politics for a long time and are dedicated to our cause. 

We are developing into a credible party of local politics with quality councillors who work and represent their communities to the best of their abilities; This is what real politics is all about. 

Now there is no disputing that the British Democrats are the first choice for sensible and committed Patriots who are serious about local community politics. Things are certainly looking good for our party moving forward.

So, if you haven’t already done so, it’s time for YOU to join the only real hope for the Patriotic Nationalist movement in the UK – The British Democrats!

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