The short-term policies implemented by successive governments has led to household bills soaring with millions of Brits struggling with energy bills and the general cost of living, and thousands of businesses potentially at risk of bankruptcy. 

Many people no longer see democracy as a protector of their freedoms – quite the opposite. This does not bode well, as one of the cornerstones of a healthy democracy is a high level of voter participation and trust.

However, it would seem that voters are right to mistrust Lib-Lab-Con politicians as they never seem to deliver what they promise pre-election. When given the chance, voters overwhelmingly cite immigration as a major concern. What do they get? An economy shattering commitment to green Net-Zero on emissions by 2050 and ONE MILLION migrant visas issued in 2021/2022. A Net Zero commitment on immigration would have been a good start. A huge chunk of the one million newcomers will possibly at some point, form part of the electorate and what with the push for incarcerated criminals to be allowed to vote, it is understandable that this further devalues the democratic system.

The current mainstream political parties have attracted career politicians who appeal to base instincts in their concern about the next election, rather than enact policies to ensure the future of our children and our grandchildren. In the mass media age, this is made worse by the need to respond in real time to every comment and event. Even if a politician wanted to take the long view, he has no time to do it as he is required to respond endlessly to every hot issue, and always with an eye on the next election. Mass fake news media call the shots by framing the narrative and by focusing only on the moment, the trivial takes on an air of profundity. Small decisions are talked about as if they are a pivotal moment in the life of society.

The Lib-Lab-Con politicians refuse to focus on long-term problems and usually remain mired in short-term policy approaches. Everything is about political competition, with no room for morality or what might constitute ‘the greater good’. Unpopular but necessary long-term measures like tackling budget deficits are often ignored because the party in government will probably be punished at the next election and the incoming party will reap the benefits of a healthier treasury. Sweeteners may be offered as elections loom, in the form of tax cuts. Regular changes in political leaders also contribute to instability; how can there be any sort of continuity, when parties seem to change their leaders every couple of years. The Conservative party have had four different leaders since 2016. They are a shambles! Frequent party changes also means on-going changes in both domestic and international policy.

The establishment political parties place a narrow focus on what they need to do in order to win the next general election, rather than thinking about what impact their policies are likely to have over the much longer-term. The tendency of politicians to avoid any fiscal or other such economic reforms that involve near-term belt-tightening has become a major problem for the fiscal health of our country. Quite a few politicians talk a good game about the need for budget austerity, but when push comes to shove reveal themselves to be deficit doves. Raising taxes, for instance, is never popular; it loses votes and loses elections. It is easier for governments to borrow money, to be paid off in the long-term, to fund spending in the short-term. A classic case of short-term thinking has come to light amid the current energy crisis – the Tory government in 2017 decided to wind down gas storage rather than subsidise what were seen as costly repairs at the time. Gas was cheap and plentiful at the time and the government, in pursuit of their Net-Zero obsession, wanted to encourage a move away from gas anyway. The result of this short-termism is that we now have no gas storage and we continue to supply gas to Europe, when we might have had the capacity to save our gas for our own population who may now be facing a winter of discontent.   

The British Democrats are radically different from the old-gang politicians. We will always put the interests of the United Kingdom and our people first, in the short, medium, and long-term. Join us!

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