On Saturday 26th November, the British Democrats Annual General Meeting 2022 was held at a hotel in a beautiful location in Essex.

Deputy Chairman and former member of the European Parliament, Andrew Brons, chaired the meeting.

Former Member of the European Parliament, Andrew Brons

Andrew got the meeting underway with wise words and advice to fellow members and activists. He then introduced local election candidates to give updates from their own campaigns earlier this year. Party Chairman Dr. Jim Lewthwaite, Councillor Lawrence Rustem, Councillor Christopher Bateman, and Michael Jones all stepped up to speak.

Councillor Christopher Bateman addressing the meeting

Some of our councillors then spoke about activities in their own wards and local authorities. Epping Forest district Councillor Julian Leppert and Councillor Roger Robertson from Hampshire both gave passionate talks on their own experiences and forthcoming campaign plans.

Councillor Julian Leppert

Party treasurer Christopher Canham announced information about party finances. 

Councillor Lawrence Rustem alongside Andrew Brons

We then had a short break.

Councillor Roger Robertson

The next speaker was Michael Jones, who gave a detailed report on party progress and recent campaigns, including the impressive council by-election victory of Christopher Bateman in Essex last month and the campaign against a Mosque application in New Addington, south London.

Experienced British Nationalist campaigner Stephen Smith then delivered an excellent speech on a several issues, including the potential of South Essex along the Thames Estuary, community based nationalist politics as a base for operating, reaching out directly to the British people, building a peaceful but strong resistance and a sensible plan for a way forward.

Stephen Smith

Next up was Veteran Nationalist Tess Culnane. Tess gave one of her usual passionate speeches, and before she finished, she presented Nationalist legend Derek Beackon with a beautiful medal for his remarkable achievement of winning the by-election in Tower Hamlets in 1993, which was the major breakthrough for British Nationalism at that time.

Tess Culnane
Tess with Derek Beackon

The final speaker was our eloquent Chairman, Dr. Jim Lewthwaite. Jim spoke on a number of topics and, as ever, made some fascinating points. 

Party Chairman Dr. Jim Lewthwaite

Adrian Romilly then kindly donated to the party some items to be sold or auctioned to raise party funds.

Adrian Romilly

The raffle was drawn, and a collection took place, which resulted in a healthy sum of money being raised for future campaigns.

We want thank the hotelier and staff for their excellent service throughout the day and over the entire weekend for members who stayed overnight.

This AGM was only open for party members, so if you would like to attend such future events, join us using the red JOIN TODAY button at the top of this page.

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