It’s time to debunk some immigration myths which the mainstream media (MSM) promotes daily.

Myth #1: Life began in Africa. Therefore, it’s morally wrong to stop immigration from Africa.

Two academics started this myth in the 1980s by publishing their opinion in a scientific journal. The two social scientists had a theory that life began in Africa. However, DNA evidence has now proved their view was wrong.

So, life did not begin in Africa. However, the new evidence has not stopped the far-left from repeating this particular myth.

Myth #2: We are a nation of immigrants.

The far-left is fond of saying, “We are a nation of immigrants. Therefore, we must carry on accepting immigrants.”

The far-left will then mention the Romans, the Saxons, and the Normans. However, they were not immigrants.

Firstly, the Romans, the Saxons, and the Normans were not immigrants. They were invaders!

Secondly, even though the Romans were here for hundreds of years, it’s estimated that only 1% to 2% of British people have any Roman DNA.

Thirdly, just because a country has had immigrants in the past, it’s no reason to keep on having immigrants.

Immigration Myth #3: Immigrants are less likely to claim benefits.

This is another immigration myth, and the mainstream media use it a lot. The media picked up a study that was made about European Union migrants. The study only looked at out-of-work benefits, and it ignored in-work benefits such as housing benefits and council tax rebates.

When we consider all benefits, immigrants are more likely to claim benefits than the indigenous population.

Immigration Myth #4: Immigrants bring prosperity to a country.

If immigration brings prosperity, then why are the areas where the immigrants live still poor?

Why are tens of thousands of immigrants in London living in sheds, garages, and in severely overcrowded conditions?

An extensive body of research has repeatedly shown that immigration Is a substantial financial burden to the UK to the tune of billions of pounds per year.

Immigration Myth #5: We need immigrants because there is a skills shortage.

Of all the immigration myths, this myth is the most widespread.

Firstly, when employers say there is a skills shortage, they mean that they cannot get staff to work for lower wages.

Secondly, there is no need to give a passport to every foreign worker.

The Labour Party and the Conservatives have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo and will never do anything meaningful to stop or lessen immigration.

Immigration into Britain is a destructive plan, and it has to stop.

Without any vote or debate, successive governments in Britain have introduced the most pernicious and divisive policy since World War Two.

Moreover, immigration has transformed our country almost beyond recognition. In towns and cities up and down the country, we feel like foreigners in our own country. The native British are now a minority in London and other cities in the UK.

Furthermore, our traditions are derided, and our future has been given away. An overwhelming majority of the British public agree that immigration has gone too far.

Immigration is the most significant threat to our precious and unique British identity. It’s time to shut the door!

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