As migrants flood into the UK, vast sums of money is being spent on accommodation for them. Furthermore, millions of British people are currently on waiting lists for social housing. Here is the latest of a number of recent reports we have published on this issue.

Cambridge City Council are planning to purchase or build approximately 30 homes for use by Ukrainian and Afghan migrants, costing £11.3 Million. The properties will be funded using cash from both the councils own funds and government grants of £4.64 Million from the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC).

The homes should be available from the end of November and it is claimed that once they are no longer required they will become part of the council’s general housing stock.

A report presented at the city council’s full council meeting stated that “The Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) has introduced a £500 Million capital fund to support local authorities who have been assessed as facing the greatest challenges in providing move-on and settled accommodation for recent humanitarian schemes (Afghan and Ukrainian
refugees). Bringing the housing back into the council’s stock once it was no longer needed by refugees would mean a “significant investment”. The problem is, the so-called ‘refugees’ are an perpetual flow of people from all over the planet!

Chester Council. 30 properties to house Ukrainian and Afghan refugees costing more than £6 Million will pushed forward by Cheshire West and Chester Council chiefs. The ruling cabinet meets next week to approve a scheme that will acquire 26 properties for Ukrainian refugees and four larger homes for Afghan refugees.

Nearly half of the funding which is £3,010,375, will come from the government’s Local Authority Housing Fund (LAHF), which has £500 Million to support councils who assist refugee families arriving via Ukrainian and Afghan resettlement relocation schemes. The council will contribute the remaining £3,268,375 in match funding.

The Homes For Ukraine scheme sponsored UK households to agree to house refugees for a minimum of six months from March 2022. More than 160,000 refugees have been assisted through the scheme nationwide.

As some councils are now seeing, as their placements ends, families are presenting as homeless. The government has also said councils have a legal duty to ‘ensure no families are left without a roof over their heads’.

Boston Borough Council published a new report for discussion by Cabinet members proposing plans for national funding for the purchase of eight homes, to provide temporary accommodation for Ukrainian and Afghan families receiving support through Government schemes to legally resettle in the Borough.

The funding would come from the Government’s £500 Million Local Authority Housing Fund, that will obtain housing for those fleeing conflicts in Ukraine and Afghanistan. Over 1,100 Ukrainians have arrived in Lincolnshire on Homes for Ukraine visas, as well as numerous families from Afghanistan through the Government’s Afghan Relocation Assistance Policy which was announced in 2021.

Devon. Torridge Council has been offered government money to provide temporary housing for Ukrainian and Afghan migrants, many of whom are currently being accommodated by host families. They have received a £576,000 government grant house people displaced by conflicts in Ukraine and Afghanistan. £172,000 is due before 5 April, and the rest by April next year providing the council accepts the cash. There are no migrants resident in Torridge under the Afghan scheme, and accepting migrants is one of the conditions of the government grant. One Torridge councillor has reservations over the authority taking in more refugees because of the amount of homelessness in the district.

With no end in sight to this immigration invasion under either Conservative or Labour, the British Democrats message is clear and precise, House British People – Not The Rest Of The World!

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