Net migration, the number of people entering the UK minus the number leaving, is predicted to rise sharply according to immigration experts, and could reach a record high of 675,000, surpassing the previous figure of 504,000 from 2022.

The increase is due to continued migration from non-EU countries where their citizens are allowed to enter the UK as refugees, to study, or join relatives already here. Since the end of freedom of movement EU immigration numbers have slumped but the increase from other countries has continued to rise.

Data from the Home Office has shown that during the past six months the number of visas granted for study or work to non EU-citizens rose by 272,140 totalling almost 1.37 million applicants to December 2022. This is despite the government’s 2019 election manifesto pledge to bring down net migration, and more recently  Boris Johnson’s points system that opened up half of UK jobs to migrant workers doubling the number to more than 330,000 with migrant workers from India, Philippines and Nigeria.

There is also the new foreign graduate visa that allows students to stay in the UK for two years after completing their degree. Overseas students’ numbers has risen from 286,000 to a record 492,000 last year.

As we have previously explained, the Lib-Lab-Con is one party with three different names. They are all PRO IMMIGRATION! They are all Globalist puppets.

There are various important peaceful activities and action required to protect British people in our ancestral homeland, with numerous ways we can fight back against the treasonous establishment, (more on that in a future article). However, one thing that’s imperative, is for our people to have political representation of Patriotic Nationalist representatives at all levels of government. This is where the British Democrats come into play to do just that!

With steady growth, and some excellent council election results in recent months (a whopping 74% by-election win in Basildon, Essex, and 25% last week in Epping Forest, Essex), the British Democrats are becoming a well-oiled machine producing good results in carefully selected target wards. JOIN US!

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