The British Democrats want to thank all of our members, supporters, and activists for your sustained support. 

Since winning the Noak Bridge by-election in Essex last October, and then scoring the highest Nationalist vote in the country at last week’s local elections (25% in Epping Forest district), we are now moving into a position of being the strongest electoral Patriotic Nationalist political party in the UK. 

This wouldn’t be possible without members’ subscriptions and supporters’ donations. So, we want you all to know your support is much appreciated.

The Next Campaign Starts Now!

With only a few days rest since the election last week, our activists are back on the streets campaigning in preparation for the next election and recruitment drive.

The British Democrats never stop working. Our activists are seasoned and hardened campaigners who roll from one campaign to another!

Our key personnel has the kind of steely determination that has kept soldiers alive while others cowered down or ran.

However, we are now running low on stock of the popular ‘The Battle To Save Britain’ national leaflet. So, we have to order another print run ASAP!

To enable us to purchase as many of these excellent four-page leaflets as possible, please consider making a donation, no matter how small, using this link:

To view ‘The Battle To Save Britain’ national leaflet, use this link:

Thank you for your continued support. 

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