By Milton Ellis

CLIMATE ECO-SOCIALISM is a new book by Jeremy Nieboer, and is available from the Bruges Group at or Amazon. It is the third and final book in a trilogy. The other books are ‘ALL IS WELL AND WILL BE WELL’ and `CO2 NATURES GIFT’. Those books deal with the natural causation of climate change and the benefits of CO2 . This new book deals with the Big Lie that is perpetrated on the masses of man-made climate change.

There is a saturation point for CO2 capacity to absorb thermal radiation after which the addition of more Co2 has no effect on warming. Satellite observations over 43 years show that fluctuations of temperature are caused by natural phenomena. 

As F. A, Hayek spoke in 1944 in the `Road to Serfdom’ page 164:

“Public criticism or even expressions of doubt must be suppressed. The whole apparatus for spreading knowledge, the schools and the press, wireless and cinema, will be used to exclusively to spread those views which …. strengthen the belief…. and all information that might cause doubt of hesitation will be withheld”.

Global warming caused by Co2   has become an inviolate belief a religion. The creed is sacrosanct and utterly exempt from criticism.

The root of a free society is the exchange of knowledge and ideas. It is this that enabled the Industrial Revolution to take place in a free market economy. It is this that has led to all the rapid progress since. Eco-Socialism wants to end all this and subject us to global serfdom via global climate change rules. The creation of a global pandemic treaty would be yet another plank in this strategy whereby the sovereignty of parliament is bypassed. Then it matters not who you vote for. This is the situation we are confronted with if things do not change.