On Sunday 4th June, the British Democrats National Executive Council (NEC) met in Norfolk. 

It was a productive meeting where various plans were made for the summer months ahead. Activities and events will be taking place, building on the hard work our members and activists have already undertaken.

Additionally, the important role of Elections Officer was discussed in what will be vital position for the British Democrats, as we prepare and strengthen our solid internal party infrastructure for the political battle ahead against the Lib-Lab-Con.

We are pleased to announce that the NEC have elected Councillor Lawrence Rustem into the position of party National Elections Officer. Lawrence has plenty of experience of electioneering and has stood for office at every level. He was first elected as a councillor in 2006, and currently holds a seat in Detling, Kent. 

Councillor Rustem told our website team, “Being made National Elections Officer for the British Democrats is a tremendous honour. To be placed in a position of such responsibility is a very serious and important role which I will look to fulfill with as much energy as possible. In this role, my aim is to make a solid and positive impact on the growth of the British Democrats both internally and externally through the vehicle of electoral success and that success is out there, we need only to fight for it!

Take Marine Le Pen and the National Rally party in France as an example of how Patriotism/Nationalism can be successful. Over 13 Million French people voted for Marine at the Presidential election in 2022 and the National Rally are now the second largest party in the National Assembly with 89 seats. The French electoral system is even more difficult to make a breakthrough for smaller parties than ours here in the UK, but Len Pen has proved that success is possible, depsite having to win two rounds of the ‘First Past the Post’ system!

So, one of the first things I want to do is to get a summer school training day booked in. So things like creating canvassing sheets can be taught and canvassing at the door step. Correctly filling out the necessary election forms for candidates. This encompasses both pre and post election forms.  

The other thing I will want to do is to get a good spread of people who can act as a regional nominations officers for candidates.

Additionally, for the summer school I think it is very important that active members become well versed early on in the life of this party, in learning how to speak to the broadcast media. So candidates come across as well as possible in order to be able to utilise the media when the time starts to arrive and also to do interviews for the internet.”

Councillor Lawrence Rustem campaigning for local elections