By Giuseppe De Santis 

As the 75th anniversary of the NHS is celebrated and discussed, the mainstream media is not discussing an important issue.

Anytime there is an election, the looney left distribute leaflets claiming the NHS would collapse without immigrants.

Of course, this is a lie not only because we can train more native Britons to work as doctors and nurses but also because without immigration, the waiting list in hospitals would be a lot shorter, and patients could get the care they need in very short time.

However, the looney left should look at the adverse effects the poaching of healthcare staff has on developing countries.

It is worth noting that many managers of hospitals in Ghana have complained to the BBC that the hiring of Ghanaian nurses by the NHS is causing a severe shortage in their hospitals, and many patients are dying because not enough qualified personnel can take care of them.

The shortage of medical staff is a problem for Ghana and other countries, which spend much money training doctors and nurses only to see them poached by the NHS. This scandal is immoral.

Howard Catton, the chief executive of the International Council of Nurses, explains how this situation is out of control, as many poor countries can ill afford to lose their nurses. This position is echoed by Pat Cullen, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, who claims that overreliance on overseas staff is not sustainable.

It’s also worth noting that all the people aforementioned are anything but nationalist, and therefore, no one can accuse them of spreading hate. So, any policy to stop hiring foreign nurses is dictated by common sense, not hatred.