By Lawrence Rustem

A patriotic populist choice continues to grow in Germany as demonstrated by the successful showing of Alternative for Germany (AfD) on Sunday which showed there is definitely a growing appetite in Germany for a party that actually has Germany’s best interests at heart and wants to preserve Germany as a nation for Germans. 

Following the election of Hannes Loth as Mayor for the small town of Raguhn-Jessnitz in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt, whereby the AfD candidate defeated independent candidate Nils Naumann by 51.1 % of the vote to 48.9%. This is the second electoral victory in as many weekends by AfD following on from the election success last weekend which saw Robert Sesselmann win a runoff for district administrator in Sonneberg in the central state of Thuringia, closest the border with Bavaria. 

What is even more important for the survival of Germany is the fact that AfD is performing well in the polls nationally with a showing of between 18 and 20% which is putting AfD at level pegging with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democrats and behind only the conservative CDU/CSU bloc. 

AfD is performing very well, getting stronger, and this is to be welcomed. Moreover, it shows that a sensible populist approach to politics is once again proving to be the apex way to win support from the voting public. This is evidenced by electoral success in Sweden with the Sweden Democrats, France with National Rally, and Vlaams Belang in Belgium, among others. Not the proven to fail approach of dead-end bravado politics. A type of politics that desperately wants to pay homage to political styles and the mimicking of symbolism of parties and leaders of yesteryear from Central Europe. 

The British Democrats will absolutely not take the route of failed bravado politics. This country no longer has the luxury of time on its side, and stupidity is utterly rejected. 

We in the British Democrats wish AfD and other sensible patriots all the very best; we will celebrate and cheer every success you have.

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