By Giuseppe De Santis

An old adage says, “Beggars cannot be choosers.” However, it seems this rule doesn’t apply to asylum seekers in the UK who should be grateful to be housed and fed at the expense of British taxpayers.

The latest example of this lack of gratitude comes from the London Borough of Brent, where many asylum seekers are living in the Holiday Inn in Empire Way, Wembley.

Some of them have been living in this hotel for about two years and are complaining about poor conditions and bad food and are asking to be relocated in suitable houses. So, on the 7th of August, they staged a protest outside the Wembley hotel.

Among those protesters, there is a gentleman called Abraham Clark who came from Nicaragua to the UK with his pregnant wife and his two children. He is moaning not only about the hotel that he compares to a prison but also about the food served that, according to him, is making him and his family ill.

Now it’s worth noting that not only is Nicaragua far away but also it’s a country which is free of war. Therefore, there is no reason for anyone from Nicaragua to claim asylum in the UK. Also, there are many safe countries they could go to and apply for asylum.

However, immigration lawyers are using Article 31 of the Refugee Convention and Section 31 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 to protect asylum seekers from removal from the UK if they have passed through safe countries to get here.

Other refugees in the Wembley hotel are complaining that the three meals they get every day are not good and the pocket money they receive is not large enough to go out shopping for better food.

The ingratitude of those economic refugees is completely unacceptable. Many British veterans are sleeping on the street and would be only too grateful to receive this kind of assistance. This madness has to stop!

We need politicians who have the backbone to not only repeal the legislation that’s been holding us back but also to have the determination to take decisive action when it’s needed.

The Lib-Lab-Con politicians are hopeless on this issue. It’s time to support the British Democrats.

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