By Giuseppe De Santis

Thirty years ago today, Derek Beackon (now a member of the British Democrats) won an historic by-election in Tower Hamlets, East London.

One of the pivotal issues Derek (pictured above) was campaigning against back then, was the unfair allocation of housing that was being given to Asians while the native population were put to the back of the queue. Derek and his colleagues warned the local electorate how immigrants from Bangladesh were being given housing ahead of the white British people in the area.

The demographic change that took place in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a case study of what is wrong with immigration and diversity.

For a while, Bangladeshi Muslims remained loyal to the Labour party, but then they stabbed Labour in the back; first by supporting George Galloway’s Respect Party and more recently by voting overwhelmingly for Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire party.

Many years ago, nationalists foresaw what would happen. The Bangladeshi’s who took control of Tower Hamlets used the power of the Council’s money to give preferential treatment to the Bangladeshi community while discriminating against all others; this is evident in the allocation of council houses where Bangladeshi families get favourable treatment.

For native Britons, this is hardly new, but it’s now Somalians who accuse the Bangladeshi’s running Tower Hamlets of discrimination.

According to The Voice, a newspaper that caters to the black community, a group of Somalian women recently protested outside Tower Hamlets town hall because they are being “de-prioritised” in the allocation of social housing over other ethnic groups. They accuse Mayor Lutfer Rahman and his council of “institutional racism.”

Freedom of Information requests found that between 2018 and 2023, 3,798 houses were given to Bengali residents, while 266 were offered to residents from African backgrounds, of which 217 are Somalians. Members of the Somalian community now plan a legal action against the Council.

Somali women protesting outside Tower Hamlets council

Don’t you like diversity?

Indeed, this situation is so embarrassing for the pro-immigration lobby that no mainstream media outlets reported this story because it would prove that nationalists have been right all along. We warned what would happen when an immigrant ethnic group becomes a majority and takes control.

This evening, Patriotic Nationalists will be raising a glass in tribute to Derek Beackon, who foresaw the multicultural nightmare that we now are having to live with.

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