By Giuseppe De Santis 

The rising support enjoyed by the anti-immigration AfD party in Germany has attracted plenty of attention from mainstream media as this will affect politics not only in Germany but also in the European Union. 

A lot has been said about that but there is an aspect that nationalists in the UK will find quite interesting and it’s the fact this party is getting plenty of support from millennials. 

Usually, older generations tend to vote for anti-immigration parties but in Germany, people in their 30s are the most likely to support nationalist parties. This is supported by research made by the INSA Institute for Market Research that found 44% of millennials are thinking of voting for the AfD party. 

Young people are worried about their future and are upset by rising inflation, uncontrolled immigration and the cost of green policies and they think AfD is the only political party willing to listen to their concerns. 

It’s easy to think that young support for nationalist parties is only a German phenomenon. However, this is not true because a similar situation can be found in France where Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (French: Rassemblement National) is getting plenty of support among the young French whereas older people are keener to vote for Emmanuel Macron’s party. 

Despite Marxist brainwashing by left-wing school teachers, young people are supporting nationalist parties in Germany and France. This is an important development and it bodes well for nationalism because it means there is a bright future ahead for anti-immigration parties as our policies and ideas become mainstream.

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