By Michael Jones

We are frequently told by Lib-Lab-Con politicians and various lobby groups that the UK has a housing shortage. The fact is, the UK has an immigration crisis that’s creating a dreadful housing problem up and down the country.

Here are the approximate net migration figures for the years 2010 – 2020:

2020 = 313,000

2019 = 270,000

2018 =  232,000

2017 =  249,000

2016 = 252,000

2015 = 329,000

2014 = 309,000

2013 = 209,000

2012 = 161,000

2011 = 249,000

2010 = 256,000

As you can see from the figures above, an average of 257,000 extra people are entering our country every year!

According to the House of Commons Library, the Government aims to deliver 300,000 new homes per year. However, new housing supply is currently lower than the Government’s ambition. 216,000 new homes were supplied in 2020/21. We must ask ourselves, who these new homes are for?

If you calculate the figures year on year, it is no surprise there is a housing shortage.

The desperate need for housing will not disappear while the UK Government allows open borders and unlimited immigration. Furthermore, this is having an unsustainable impact on other public services such as schools, the NHS, road traffic and so on.

The British Democrats are opposed to the Government’s continuous plan of pouring concrete all over our beautiful countryside with their huge building and development projects on ancient woodland and agricultural land. Overdevelopment in and around villages is detrimental to communities that haven’t got the infrastructure to cope with thousands of new homes, families and vehicles in their districts.

The Government’s job is to supply decent and affordable housing for the British people, NOT the rest of the world!

Is there a housing crisis, or is there an immigration crisis? 

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