By Michael Jones

The British Democrats are calling on the government to deliver a full and complete Brexit!

The UK was supposed to leave the EU over two years ago. However, after promising to ‘Get Brexit Done’, Boris Johnson has betrayed the people by failing to ensure the United Kingdom is fully independent and sovereign.

Members of the British Democrats campaigned energetically for years to regain our independence and sovereignty from the EU. We played a role in forcing the establishment politicians to give us, the people, a vote on one of the biggest issues of our time.

In 2016, we voted for the UK to leave the European Union in its entirety. Still, now bizarrely, we must continue campaigning to remove the European Union from the UK.

It is time to repeal all EU inspired laws, regain control of our fisheries, and withdraw unilaterally from the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The Northern Ireland Protocol is an insult to the 17.4 million Brexit voters. It leaves Northern Ireland stuck in the European Union’s single market and hence subject to laws emanating from the EU and enforced by the European Court of Justice. The Protocol creates a customs border/barrier down the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Protocol contravenes the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement that guaranteed no change in the constitutional position of Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom without the consent of its people. 

The customs border is also damaging trade and harming the economy within the UK.

‘Article 16’ of the Protocol enables the government to unilaterally suspend the Protocol’s operation where it is causing economic, societal, or environmental difficulties.

Some political commentators have suggested the government should trigger ‘Article 16’ and start negotiating with the EU to solve the problems the Protocol has caused.

However, there is no chance of any reasonable negotiation with Brussels. So, the UK must unilaterally withdraw from the Northern Ireland Protocol to do away with the border presently down the Irish Sea and reinstate Northern Ireland as a sovereign part of the United Kingdom. 

The Northern Ireland Protocol must be scrapped!

When the disastrous NI Protocol is eventually removed and our fishermen are given a fair deal, we can finally start ‘Getting Brexit Done’.

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