In May 2016, during the Brexit referendum campaign, Boris Johnson said he was pro-immigration but that there was “no public consent for the scale of immigration we are seeing” and the situation was “completely out of control”. At the time, the latest immigration statistics had just been published, showing that 664,000 immigrants had come here in the previous 12 months, following on from the record 667,000 the year before. In just two years Britain’s population had increased by more than the whole of Birmingham – the UK’s second largest city. Clearly this uncontrolled population growth was unsustainable. So thank goodness Johnson is now prime minister and has sorted this out. Oh, err, maybe not. In the last 12 months the number of immigrants allowed to live in the UK has climbed to a new record: OVER ONE MILLION. Yes, believe it or not, 1,010,402 entered the UK in the year to March. Well, Boris Johnson did say he was pro-immigration! 

Britain cannot cope. The maximum sensible population for a country the size of the UK is around 50 million. Back in 1978 Margaret Thatcher said that Britain was in danger of being “swamped”. The population then was already 56 million; it is now touching 70 million. This is the problem: Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. We are FULL and cannot take any more. Immigration is destroying our country and our quality of life. Is it any wonder house prices are so high, and out of the reach of most young people, when demand keeps increasing faster than we can build them? Or that GP and hospital waiting times are so long, with around 7 million new migrant registrations recorded by the NHS since 2010?  More migration means we also need more schools, more police, more public services, more food, more roads, more everything. This all costs money. Your money.  

Conservative politicians try to disguise the number of immigrants flooding into Britain by talking of “net migration”, but does this truly make sense? According to the government, if a million university-educated Britons doing highly-skilled jobs leave and are replaced by a million illiterate and unemployable third-world immigrants then this is absolutely fine, as net migration is zero. Really? I don’t think so. As for Labour, they favour even more immigrants than we are already getting! They tell us that immigrants are good for the economy, trying to make us believe that they make us a richer country. They don’t. While a larger population does increase national GDP, so does crime. What matters is GDP per person, and poor, unskilled immigrants make this worse, not better. If all those coming here were scientists, surgeons and other such specialists then the pro-immigration lobby might have a point, but do you really think this is the case?  

A recent opinion poll showed that 73% of the public think the government is handling immigration badly. And things are getting worse. The forecast is that over the next 20 years the population will increase by another 6 million, but as we all know these forecasts always seriously underestimate the problem. Back in 2010 the leading population expert, Oxford University Professor David Coleman, forecast that white Britons would become a minority in this country by 2066, unless the government reduced the level of immigration taking place. This was based on the assumption that net migration would continue at around 180,000 a year. The most recent figures however show annual net migration in the year to June 2021 was 239,000 – and this was during the covid pandemic when travel was severely restricted. Previously it was running as high as 329,000! There is no doubt that the way things are going the indigenous white British people will be a minority in their own country well before 2066, and given the relative youthfulness of the immigrant population this transition will happen even sooner among our children’s age-group. What kind of country are we leaving for them to live in? Countries are different – for better or worse – because their people are different. As Professor Coleman says, Britain’s national identity – “cultural, political, economic and religious” – will completely change. Is that what you want, for you and your children? Will that make Britain a better, safer, richer country? Or, if Britain is changed by third-world immigrants, will it just become a third-world country itself? What do you think?

Far from being the solution, the Boris government is determined to increase immigration even more, making it easier for migrants to come here. For instance, the definition of a ‘skilled worker’ has been loosened, and the minimum salary for ‘new entrant’ workers now starts at just £20,480. Furthermore, the rule that employers had to first seek workers from the UK before recruiting overseas has been scrapped, meaning that British workers can now be completely ignored in favour of immigrants. The government is laughing at you. The Home Office says: “The government has delivered on its promise to the British people to take back control of our immigration system.” Does it feel like that to you? The number of immigrants coming across the Channel has tripled since last year – which itself was the worst year on record. The government has no answer to this never-ending tide of migrants from every country on earth.
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