Chairman’s bulletin – The Cineworld Capitulation

Issues of current concern to the British Democrats.  

The Cineworld chain has decided to pull the film “The Lady of Heaven” from all its UK cinemas following threats from a 200-strong mob in Bolton out of concern for its customers and staff. Lancashire Police, quick to condemn British Nationalist leaflets put out legally and peacefully in Preston, were nowhere to be seen.

An apologist for the mob claimed that the filmmaker was inciting hatred which was denied by someone on the production side, himself a Sunni, on GB News’s Farage programme.      

In effect, the communitarian politics of the Indian sub-continent are being played out on our streets. All of which was foreseeable – and foreseen by Enoch Powell in 1968 (and by your chairman at the tender age of 15).

On a related theme, ambassadors from several Muslim countries have protested against two BJP (Indian People’s Party) officials for ‘disrespecting the prophet’ – how long before Hindu – Muslim antipathy spreads to our shores? With Hindus as Chancellor and Home Secretary – to Muslim eyes, cow-worshipping idolaters, not even ‘People of the Book’, – not long! To all this, a deafening silence not only from the government but also the entire decadent political establishment, the media, academe, business, etc. They have created the mess we now have to live in during our lifetimes.

They can not admit that it is out of control. The leader of the opposition is the last person to criticise government indifference and cowardice: he depends on Muslim votes. He is in thrall to them!

All of which confirms my view that Wokeism, i.e. Cultural Marxism, amounts to a ‘War on the West’ as Douglas Murray eloquently puts it in his powerful new book (essential reading for every member of the party): a war on all white people for the original sin of their whiteness. Wokeism, formerly political correctness, is a compound of stupidity, ignorance, cowardice and treachery, the proportions varying with the individual and the institution.

We will have nobody but ourselves to blame if we surrender Western Civilisation to its greatest ever existential threat through fear. This threat is a deadly pincer from without and within. If we lose this battle, we may not ourselves suffer the consequences; it will be our children whose teeth will be set on edge, who will reap the bitter harvest, who will curse us for disowning and abandoning them.

In conclusion, the Nationalist movement needs to work together as never before: if unification is currently too ambitious a goal, collaboration is not. This is no time for selfish what’s-in-it-for-me individualism or website warriors unwilling to, if not actually, get their hands dirty in electoral politics; it’s now time to, at least, lend a hand to those who do.

Dr Jim Lewthwaite, Chairman

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  1. I see the government has sacked its “Islamophobia adviser” because he supported this undemocratic action to restrict free expression here in Britain. Before anyone thinks of congratulating them for this perhaps they should ask how appropriate it is for the government to have an ‘islamophobia’ adviser in the first place. This is clearly just pandering to a small, whingeing, troublemaking minority who wish to be privileged and exempted from criticism and democratic debate and norms. Why has opposition to, and criticism of, islam – something which in a free society with freedom of speech should be entirely acceptable – suddenly been rebranded as ‘islamophobia’? Because, as George Orwell knew and explained in 1984, words matter, and if you control words you control thoughts. His ‘Newspeak’ has moved from chilling dystopian fiction to our present grim and depressing reality.

    If the government wants to ban something they just call it ‘phobic’ and make it a ‘hate crime’. The sad truth is that the only reason the government has sacked this particular adviser is because the film was made by a muslim and the protests were too obvious. A more subtle campaign of intimidation against the cinema chain which had received less negative media attention would have been quietly tolerated by the government. And a film criticising islam made by a non-muslim? Dream on – nobody would even dare make it. Our freedom is being eroded daily, and our country is being destroyed, but all the while many foolish people naively think the so-called ‘Conservative’ government will oppose these changes. Quite the opposite: the government is actually actively driving this descent into oblivion. Boris Johnson governs by deceit. Apparently he likes to call himself ‘Big Dog’. A better description would be Big Fraud.

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