VIDEO – Dr James Lewthwaite Speech at London Meeting

The British Democrats held a well attended meeting in the London region on Sunday 12th June.

During his keynote speech, party Chairman Dr James Lewthwaite made some very important points on various different subjects.

As you will see, Dr Lewthwaite is a highly educated political thinker, and one of the intellectual heavyweights within the British Nationalist movement.

It was an enjoyable event, with old friends reconnecting and some new faces attending for the first time. Several new members joined up before going home with a spring in their step, knowing there is now a democratic and genuine British Nationalist party, that is growing and worth getting involved with!

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  1. While I agree that GB News has some excellent presenters and is well worth watching, they only broadcast a few short emails. In my opinion, a better bet for getting your views across is to phone in to TalkRadio (now part of TalkTV) and get on air to say what you want. I have been able to do this on several occasions, and they are genuinely open to patriotic callers.

  2. A great meeting with inspiring speeches. Also a rare opportunity to re-connect with old friends and reach out to new ones. Look forward to the next

  3. Excellent speech from the British Democrats chairman. My cheque for membership is in the post.

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