The historic Yorkshire cathedral city of Wakefield has been the scene of famous English battles in both the War of the Roses and the Civil War. In the parliamentary by-election currently taking place, there is a tragicomic skirmish that sadly reflects Britain’s downward trajectory as a civilised country. 

A local British Democrats member has sent us this report:

The by-election this Thursday (23rd June) was called after Imran Ahmad Khan, the Conservative MP and Muslim homosexual paedophile, resigned and was subsequently jailed for abusing a 15-year-old boy some years ago. Wakefield had returned a Labour MP for the last 87 years; however (much to the dismay of the comrades) in 2017, the unthinkable happened: a Tory was elected! Not just any old Tory, but an Asian Muslim homosexual to boot (three boxes ticked in one go). All was well until rumours started circulating that he had abused a young boy in 2008. This should not have come as a surprise, given that it was also stated that the Tory party had been warned this man was a paedophile. According to Wikipedia, “Khan was part of a panel advising on Grooming Gangs and contributed to a paper called “Group-based child sexual exploitation characteristics of offending” while police were investigating him for child sexual abuse”. Oh well – at least the report was written by an expert! 

The adopted Tory candidate, another Asian, appears to be on the back foot having to explain why his disgraced ex-colleague was even chosen in the first place and has resorted to bizarre analogies to mass murderer Harold Shipman – for which he has now had to apologise! He passed me a leaflet while he canvassed my road the other day. I thanked him politely and reminded him he had one hell of a job on. “It’s a tough job, politics,” he muttered. “Tough!” – he wants to experience the battle we patriots have, then he would really know what tough is.

In the circumstances, you would think that this ‘Red Wall’ seat would be easy pickings for Labour.  But all is not well with local Labour activists here in Wakefield. Labour’s head honchos down in London refused to appoint the local branch’s preferred choice as candidate – the local party chairman – and instead parachuted in one of their National HQ gravytrainers, Simon Lightwood, whose nomination led to a walkout by the entire Wakefield executive committee in protest at having no say in the selection process. Lightwood is an NHS worker who has assured us he has the full support of his husband (yes, you read that correctly) and has made the usual rash promises – more investment, jobs, increased police numbers, etc. Of course, if he is elected, none of this will materialise, as it is all outside his control anyway. More typical Labour lies. What is it with the Labour and Tory selection procedures – are these just a simple box-ticking exercise or more sinister brainwashing of the plebs? It should, at least, make for an interesting contest.

And it is certainly that. Wakefield has suddenly become the political hotbed of the UK with fifteen, yes fifteen, candidates all contesting the June 23rd by-election.  Independents, UKIP, Reform, EDs, Greens, the list goes on, all fighting for a few crumbs from the table.  Even Snow White only had seven dwarfs!

The election will gain a tiny amount of publicity for the smaller parties, which will be almost immediately forgotten. And at what cost? It is an expense they can ill-afford, manpower they do not have to fight a meaningful campaign, and of course, their members’ hard-earned cash will be wasted on lost deposits. Having organised Parliamentary, European and local campaigns in the past, l know the hard work that goes into the whole process – hard work that can be much more usefully employed. Thankfully the British Democrats’ experienced leadership had the knowledge and experience to leave this one well alone.

This by-election provides a good illustration of the inevitable results of sectarian and identity politics in the UK today – which seem to have a habit of backfiring on its practitioners. It also demonstrates the wisdom of not wasting valuable resources in an unwinnable contest.

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