By former member of the European Parliament, Andrew Brons

The word racist is not a word with a precise meaning that can convey information or even opinion accurately. Its purpose is not to inform but to intimidate and defame. There is sound evidence that its threats have been successful with the gullible, the stupid and the weak-kneed.

The word or its Russian equivalent, was first coined by Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik revolutionary, in 1930. Trotsky is often portrayed as a softer, even kinder, figure than Stalin. In fact he was a Stalinist, advocating forced collectivisation of the peasants’ land, before Stalin was. No self respecting person should use a word invented by Trotsky.

How often have you heard some four-ale-bar talker who, emboldened by alcohol, speaks the truth about immigration and even race. However, moral courage is as susceptible to evaporation as the alcohol that fuelled it. Sometimes, mid-way through a sentence, a shiver of fear will pass through what there is of a backbone and the affected will mimic the unforgettable sentence:

“Mind you, I’m not a racist”. It will echo throughout the land – a testimony to the susceptibility of politically unsophisticated people but also to the existence of ruthless mindbenders whose job it is to control our thoughts and actions.

Our response must be to refute suggestions of ignoble feelings or motivations – we hate nobody, we respect all humanity. We must certainly not identify ourselves with this most negative of words. However, neither must we lend credence to it by jumping through the hoop of denial. Our response must be:

“We do not use Trotskyist language. The fact that you do is a revelation about you and not me”. I am not answerable to Trotskyists.

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