The politics of the far-left, which is to say the politics of ideology, is unlike the politics of the real Patriotic right, which is firmly founded on logic.

Many years ago, a man with a mission and an agenda had a very strange dream, far removed from any foundation in logic or common sense. In this fantasy he envisioned a future where everybody was equal in every way, we all looked the same, and everybody was paid the same wage regardless of what job they did, or how well they did it. All foot races were a tie, in order that there be no inferior feeling losers to upset, and so on.

This man was Karl Marx. In this vision he perceived a way to exert control (purely for their benefit, of course) over millions of uneducated Russian peasant workers as well as more than a few well-heeled dreamers from Europe and America. 

His agenda was to sell this unrealistic version of a Utopian ideal to these folk by promising them a better future if they would join him in overturning the Russian model, and then ultimately the whole world order, under the wise benevolence of himself and his fellow conspirators. This resulted in, as we now know, after the inevitable blood bath that followed into the situation where realistic human nature re-asserted itself.

The left and especially the far-left found that their biggest obstacle to overcome in their mad quest for this benign revolution in the countries they were trying to infect, were the twin pillars of national identity and the home-grown culture which in itself springs from the history of the people and nation it belongs to. Therefore, these wise masters applied their twisted minds to seeking solutions for doing away with such perceived evils as: Patriotism, National Pride and Culture based on ethnicity. 

It has been well documented how the left both planned and executed their infamous, ‘March through the Institutions’ deliberately both infecting and infesting all Bastions of academia and especially gaining control of popular media outlets, and of course infecting the halls of the West’s universities, thus breeding a whole new brood of rabid Lefties.

Their most dangerous weapon by far though was the encouragement, aided and abetted as it was by ‘the brood’ of the mass movement of totally unrelated peoples, with vastly different morals, cultural systems and opposing religions into what had been the homogenous nations of the West. 

You will notice that it is only white nations that are being forced to endure this ordeal. There is no mass movement of other races into the Asian, Oriental, or African continents. 

Mass immigration (without the permission of native nationals) or de-facto ‘invasion’ was seen as the perfect weapon to destroy patriotism, nationalism, and the culture of Western countries. In order to submerge them into a faceless mixed mass that will no longer have any emotional or historical ties with its own history or culture, thus paving the way for the lefts perverted ideals. This allows them to finally plant the red flag on the ruins of Western civilisation. 

So why? I here you ask, didn’t the political ‘right’ oppose this outrage, or if it did not oppose, at least sound the clarion call to alert people to this impending doom? The shameful answer is simple.


The fact is, the weaklings of the establishment ‘right’, especially here in Britain, knowingly colluded in this conspiracy for money and power.

FACT: Big business profits by the use of cheap imported labour. 

FACT: It is big business that funds and therefore exerts control over the establishment right. Therefore, the establishment right is in ‘hock’ to big business, and will never do anything to stop the mass invasion, despite their two-faced lies and promises to a beleaguered native electorate during elections.


One fundamental difference between the ‘establishment right’, ie Conservatives in various forms and the Patriotic Nationalist right such as the British Democrats, is very clear. The British Democrats will put the needs of the country and our people first and foremost, and would never be bought off by big business with the lure of financial gain. 

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