We are delighted to announce, British Nationalist legend Derek Beackon has joined the British Democrats!

Derek’s first involvement in British Nationalist politics was as a young man in 1970, and he has been actively involved ever since.

Still going strong, Derek is one of our recent new recruits and a very welcome one at that.

Derek has stood in numerous elections, gaining some excellent results along the way. The most notable of course was his remarkable victory against all the odds in September 1993, when he won the famous by-election for the British National Party in Millwall ward, Tower Hamlets, East London. This victory became international news with reports of Derek’s victory appearing in newspapers and on TV and radio channels across the world.

A reinvigorated British Democrats party picking up new councillors, activists and members over the last few months, has led some political commentators and pundits to suggest this is the beginning of Patriotic Nationalists finally uniting in one credible party.

The realialingment of British Nationalist politics is now taking place and many experienced campaigners are choosing the British Democrats as their preferred option going forward. 

So if you are looking for a genuine and credible Nationalist alternative to the mainstream parties in the UK, the British Democrats is the party for YOU!

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