As we have pointed out previously, what really matters is not the simplistic top-line GDP figure, but GDP per head.  Increasing overall GDP can easily be achieved by using the mass-immigration ‘cheat button’.  And guess what?  That’s precisely what this shambolic ‘Conservative’ government is planning to do!  The Conservatives were elected on a manifesto that promised “fewer lower-skilled migrants”, but we are now told that the government wants to “increase the number of jobs on the shortage occupation list, extend the seasonal agricultural workers scheme, increase visas for other sectors, and relax English language rules for immigrants.” As we all know, the sad but simple truth is that you just can’t trust the Tories on immigration!

For example, take the post-Brexit ‘points-based’ immigration scheme that Boris Johnson introduced.  It is supposed to favour those who are most valuable to the UK but again it does the very opposite.  “Skilled worker” visas are granted to those paid as little as £25,600, which is not the sort of salary that the really highly skilled receive.  And it gets worse: if an occupation is listed on the ‘Shortage Occupation List’, these so-called “Skilled Worker” visas are issued to those paid at only 80% of the ‘going rate’ – which sometimes works out at less than the minimum wage!  So employers are being encouraged to undercut British workers by flooding the country with cheap foreign labour.  So much for the Tory promise that they would use Brexit to make the UK a ‘high wage economy’!  

Once again the Tories are shown to be liars.  And after 5 years all these low-skilled migrants are eligible to settle here permanently, with all their families!  And then, of course, there is the daily cross-Channel invasion which the government is doing nothing to stop.  Mass-immigration makes us poorer. 

Even the former Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has said “what we’ve got is too many low skilled workers coming into this country”.  She has also stated that the UK should leave the European Convention of Human Rights in order to get control over bogus asylum seekers and be able to deport them (this is a key British Democrats policy). 

The Telegraph recently published an article asking: “When will the Tories realise that mass migration is making us poor?  Far from growing the economy, it has suppressed productivity, wages and capital investment”.  But the Conservative party is clearly just too stupid, and too treacherous, to even consider changing government policy. 

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