When it comes to immigration, both legal and illegal, as patriots and nationalists we learned a long time ago that the Conservatives as a party are a collection of traitors who will say what they think the voting public want hear. Only to find that they never deliver on their promises – never will and never have any intention of ever doing so.

What then does it actually mean to have the Tories in government? The Conservatives, a party that time and again talks tough on immigration, tough on dealing with illegal immigration, tough on doing something about the numbers which continue flood into this country from all manner of safe countries before they even reach this country (when taking into account so-called refugees). On the contrary, the Conservatives talk tough, but their talk is cheap; always has been, always will be.

Rather than being tough, as we all now know, they only talk tough and talk is all it is and all it will ever be. 

Whether it’s Migration Watch, the Office for National Statistics, or anyone else providing the figures, the immigration numbers overall are continually over 500,000 every year and have been for quite a few years now. 

For example, according to the House of Commons Library

“In the year ending June 2021 573,000 people migrated into the UK”. 

According to another source, Statista.com “In the twelve months to March 2020, approximately 715,000 immigrated to the United Kingdom, while 403,000 emigrated away from the country, resulting in a net migration figure of 313,000.”

Figures provided by the Office for National Statistics show extremely high figures, though not as high as 2020.

2019 – 592,000

2018 – 538,000

Migration Watch provide different figures to the ONS. In 2019, 677,000 came to Britain, net migration – 270,000.

2018 – 604,000 – net migration 232,000

2017 – 644,000 – net migration 249,000

2016 – 622,000 – net migration 252,000

2015 – 664,000 – net migration 329,000


According to the House of Commons Library from 26th September 2022.

“Over the last twenty-five years, both immigration and emigration have increased to historically high levels, with immigration exceeding emigration by more than 100,000 in every year between 1998 and 2020.”

Figures like these effectively mean population replacement. Coudenhove-Kalergi would be pleased, along with the likes Barbara Lerner Spector. 

2010 was, as we know, when the Tories, coupled with the Lib-Dems in coalition, returned to power. From 1997 up to 2010 was Labour’s time in power which shows that Labour has always, as everyone knows, been a party that loves mass immigration. Just look at the boroughs of London that have been destroyed by mass immigration. The Tories are arguably worse, they continually talk tough on immigration, especially come election time, but they ultimately prove time and time again that they will do nothing and have no intention of ever doing anything about this problem. They play ‘patriot’ every five years for the purpose of tricking the electorate in to believing they will save this country from the continuous immigration onslaught, but the moment their Westminster seats are secure the noises from the Con-trick party die down and the swamping continues. As it always has done when they are in government. 

During his time as Mayor of London, Boris Johnson wanted to give an amnesty to 400,000 illegal immigrants in London!

Boris showed himself to be just a bad concerning immigration during his time as Prime Minister. At a news conference on 18th March 2021, Bloomberg UK reported Boris saying, “When people have been here for a very long time and haven’t fallen foul of the law, then it makes sense to try to regularise their status”. What a buffoon!

What does an amnesty do except encourage more immigration for those that try it, knowing full well that there are idiots like Johnson only too willing to raise the white flag and offer to forget the illegality of their arrival in this country.

Boris Johnson only showed that he was just as much a traitor as all his predecessors. Whether as London Mayor or PM, good riddance to idiocy! The problem is, the new PM will be just as bad.

The British Democrats would deal with this huge migration invasion by implementing the following immigration policy.

Withdraw the United Kingdom from:

(1) The UN 1951 Refugee Convention.

(2) The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). 

(3) The Global Compact for Migration.

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