The British Democrats are at the forefront of the campaign to block a planning application to convert a shop into a Mosque!

The premises in New Addington, that lies on the Surrey/South London borders, is one of the latest places where creeping Islamisation is attempting to gain a foothold in what was traditionally a white working class community.

The application states that morning prayers will start at 3am in the summer and 5am in the winter! Imagine living next door to this address!

Our activists have been campaigning in the community to inform local residents about this latest development in New Addington.

Local people have been delivering leaflets in the immediate area.

Local people in New Addington have been delivering this leaflet to inform residents of the planning application

Activists in the British Democrats have experience in dealing with blocking such applications and were instrumental in preventing a Mosque being built in New Addington back in 2014.

Locals have been encouraged to voice their opinions on Croydon council’s website planning application page.

We are urging all of our readers to join the campaign and help us support our activists efforts. If Patriots work together we can win this battle in the long campaign to save our unique British identity and culture!

Visit the link provided below and have your say on this application. Click on planning register, search for Ref: 22/03017/FUL. Then click on the comments and leave a comment.

Please use respectful and clean language when leaving comments.

Together we can block this application!

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