Austin, a British Democrats supporter and activist from Manchester, paid tribute to DC Stephen Oake on behalf of the British Democrats, on the twentieth anniversary of his tragic death.

DC Stephen Robin Oake, QGM, was a police officer serving as an anti-terrorism detective with Greater Manchester Police who was murdered while attempting to arrest a suspected terrorist in Manchester on 14 January 2003.

The late DC Stephen Oake

On 14 January 2003, Oake and colleagues went to Flat 4, 4 Crumpsall Lane, in north Manchester, as part of an immigration operation. The resident was not expected to be there, but the police found three men, including Algerian illegal immigrant Kamel Bourgass, who had arrived in England in the back of a lorry three years before. Bourgass, who had attended Al Muhajiroun meetings in the months leading up to the attack, was not immediately recognised despite being wanted in London in connection with what became known as the Wood Green ricin plot, a bioterrorism plot to attack the London Underground. He was not perceived to pose a threat and thus was not handcuffed by the officers.

Believing that the officers had identified him in connection with the ricin plot, Bourgass made an attempt to escape and, in the process of doing so, punched one officer and picked up a kitchen knife. Oake, who was unarmed and not wearing protective clothing, went to restrain the suspect but was stabbed eight times in the chest and upper body, including one blow which penetrated his heart. Despite his extensive injuries, Oake continued trying to help his colleagues bring Bourgass under control. Three other officers suffered stab wounds before the suspect was eventually detained. Oake later died of his injuries.

Rest in peace.

We want to thank Austin for this kind tribute to DC Oake.

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