British Democrats NEC member, Adrian Romilly, has had one of his letters published in the Plymouth Evening Herald. Please read the letter below.

Sat. 11.02.23 

The extraordinarily enthusiastic support for the visit by President Zelensky last Wednesday is an alarming demonstration of the Establishment’s backing for the conflict in Ukraine, a conflict that is in reality a war of Eastward NATO expansion in which young  Ukrainians are the canon fodder. The Prime Minister has even gone so far as to say ‘nothing is off the table’ for Ukraine. I find this worrying, will Special Forces be inserted, are they already in Ukraine?  

Imminent NATO expansion threatens even more burdens on member states of which we are, alas, a leading one.  

With the anniversary of the Russian invasion upon us and no resolution of the conflict in sight, the drums of war grow louder. I believe further involvement is not in Britain’s interests. Instead, we should reduce, or better, eliminate our commitment to a conflict in which no vital interests of ours are at stake. Our entanglement in Ukraine is becoming ever more costly and we have plenty on the Home Front on which to spend our money.

Time to pull out from NATO? I think so! It bestows huge and increasingly dangerous burdens on us and, with the old Soviet Union a distant memory, few discernible benefits,

Yours truly, 

A Romilly 

Adrian is a prolific writer of these type letters and often calls radio phone in shows getting the patriotic message across to a wider audience.

Adrian told our website team, “I would certainly urge all patriots to write to their local newspaper via email, and as I do, copy in your local MP.”

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