One of the benefits of leaving the EU was supposed to be that we would regain control of our fishing waters and be able to restore our fishing fleet to its former glory (before it was almost completely destroyed by the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy). Unfortunately that hasn’t happened – because of another Tory Betrayal. Not that you’d know it of you read the Tory lap-dog press. They are trying to push a narrative of increased UK fishing allowances, but here’s the truth: the value of our own fish which this appalling Tory government has agreed that we can keep next year is going up from £716m to £750m. This might sound good but is, in fact. a paltry increase of just 4.7% – which is far LESS than the rate of inflation. Besides, this is the total value of all the UK’s fisheries agreements – not just with the EU but also with Norway, and the rest of the North East Atlantic Coastal States. It is also far less than the increase in catch levels, which will be going up by 13%. So why is the value of the UK’s catch going up by only around a third of this? The answer is because in terms of catch the UK will get only 140,000 tonnes while the EU will get over 350,000 tonnes! If we look at just the UK-EU agreement, the UK’s share of our own fish will be just £280m, while the EU’s share of UK fish – OUR fish – will be £880 million. So the EU will get MUCH, MUCH MORE of OUR fish than we do! Once again we can see that the treacherous Conservative Party have no intention of putting British fishermen first! However, the British Democrats will!

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