Hot on the heels of our report yesterday, of Basildon council building new homes for Afghan and Ukrainian migrants, another outrageous decision has been made to buy homes for migrants to live in!

A North Northamptonshire Council (NNC) has approved a plan to buy 30 homes for use as temporary accommodation for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees using £3.7m of its own cash and a £3.2m Government grant. They will also purchase homes previously sold as part of the Right to Buy scheme so that people are close to amenities.

They will look at buying two one-bedroom homes, 20 two-bedroom homes, four three-bedroom homes and four four-bedroom homes for use by refugees and their families.

The move was given the green light on Thursday 16th Feb.

Cllr Matt Binley (Con), NNC’s executive member for housing, said “some families have struggled” to move out of hotels because of their size and a lack of suitable accommodation. He told the executive that of the 374 Ukrainian refugees that arrived in North Northamptonshire last year, 181 remain there.

The council says that this will help to prevent homelessness even though there were 1,327 people homeless in Northamptonshire last year according to the charity Shelter, and of these, 1,300 were families in temporary accommodation and 27 were sleeping rough. 42% were children.

Figures are likely to underestimate the true scale of homelessness in the country. They do not include the various forms of hidden or unofficial homelessness, such as sofa surfing or overcrowded homes.

Over the last decade the use of temporary accommodation has risen by an “alarming” 74%, Shelter said. The charity said this was down to a “chronic shortage” of social homes.

The British Democrats will ensure council accommodation is used to house local people who have a connection to the local authority. In addition, British veterans would also given priority.

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