‘Asylum seekers’ waiting for an initial decision on their claim reached 160,919 at the end of December, a 60% rise compared to figures at the same period of 2021.

Home Office figures published on Thursday showed it to be the highest increase since records began in 2010.

The most common nationality applying for asylum last year were those from Albania. 14,223 applications were made by Albanian nationals, almost 10,000 were arrivals from English Channel.

Albania is a nation that has no war, conflict or humanitarian crisis and therefore no Albanians should be given refugee status.

Some 90% of people arriving in the UK in 2022 on small boats claimed asylum or were recorded as a dependant on an asylum application. But just under half (45%) of total asylum applications in the UK last year were from people who arrived on a small boat.

Initial decisions made on asylum applications in the UK in 2022 were 18,699, a rise of 29% on 14,532 in 2021.

Almost 1.500,000 visas were issued in 2022 to people coming to the UK for work, study or family reasons, or through one of the Government’s settlement schemes.

423,013 work visas were granted, along with 626,551 study visas and 48,107 family visas, plus 5,055 visas for dependants joining or accompanying others.

There was also 210,906 visas issued under the Ukraine visa schemes, 53,836 granted to British National (Overseas) status holders from Hong Kong,

34,338 were under the EU Settlement Scheme, and 3,903 were under other settlement schemes.

The total number of visas issued was 1,405,709 in 2022 a rise of 64% from 858,869 in 2021. The sixth successive record high for a 12-month period since current figures began in 2005.

The Sunak-lead Tory government is now fast-tracking 12,000 migrants into permanent residence by making them, or rather representatives from refugee charities, complete a ten-page questionnaire with 95% of those applying expected to be given amnesty, and allowing for their dependents to join them.

The British Democrats are committed to stopping the permanent settlement of migrants coming into the UK. Our small country simply cannot cope with limitless immigration which is unsustainable. We have taken in more than enough people already!

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